Jun 252015

Stuart Donaldson MP 4With thanks to Stuart Donaldson MP.

As the number of smart meters installed by Scottish Gas in homes approaches the 1.5 million mark, Stuart Donaldson MP has welcomed the news that 1,610 homes in West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine are already benefiting from increased control over energy bills through Scottish Gas smart meters.

Smart meters were on show at a Scottish Gas Innovation Reception in Westminster, along with other technology which helps people understand and reduce their energy use.

Smart meters give people greater insight into how much gas and electricity they’re using. A smart energy monitor can be placed anywhere in the home to display in pounds and pence how much gas and electricity is being used, helping people to be more efficient. Smart meter readings are sent automatically to energy companies, putting an end to estimated bills and manual meter readings.

Smart meters installed by Scottish Gas also come with a free online tool that:

  • breaks down a home’s energy use by day, week or month;
  • shows how much is used on things like appliances, heating and lighting;
  • compares the household’s use to other similar homes, and;
  • provides personalised tips on how to be more energy efficient.

Stuart Donaldson MP also saw Scottish Gas’ smart thermostat, Hive Active Heating, which lets customers control their heating and hot water remotely from a smartphone, tablet and laptop. More than 200,000 homes now control their heating remotely using Hive. 51% of customers use it daily, and 70% think they’ve made energy savings since having it installed.

Smart meters and Hive Active Heating are part of a wave of ‘the internet of things’, which sees household objects connecting with each other and people through the internet, opening up new ways of controlling our homes. More products are being developed by Scottish Gas to maximise the internet of things and help people more easily manage their energy, and create homes of the future.

Stuart Donaldson MP said:

“The Scottish Gas Innovation Reception provided a terrific insight into how new technology is helping my constituents become more aware of energy use and how they can manage their bills. I’ll be continuing discussions with Scottish Gas and other relevant agencies to ensure that the continued roll-out of this technology can benefit all my constituents.”

Vicky Charles, a Smart Energy Expert for Scottish Gas who took part in the Innovation Reception, said:

“Whether it’s discovering how energy efficient the fridge is, or the cost of using the tumble dryer; or if it’s being able to turn the heating off without getting out of bed, our customers are excited about these new technologies. They make life easier and can save you money on your energy bills.”

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  1. Stuart has not got a clue about his constituents, let alone anything to do with energy, 6 months since he was elected still not had a decent reply from him, let alone any action or help. I live in a rural hard to heat home, low income, disabled, at risk and vulnerable!! bad enough? Add, no heating, no hot water and no insulation and 3 years of trying to get assistance, never mind smart meters, deal with important matters first.

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