Mar 052015

martin-fordWith thanks to Cllr Martin Ford.

Aberdeenshire’s Green councillor Martin Ford has responded to the latest claims made by Donald Trump about his golf development at Menie and the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre planned for Aberdeen Bay. Mr Trump made his remarks to a golfing magazine which were further reported in the Sunday Herald.

Cllr Ford has dismissed Mr Trump’s claims as ‘absurd’. The councillor is not disputing Mr Trump’s right to go to court.

On Mr Trump’s claim that he will now go ahead with a second golf course, Cllr Ford said:

“Mr Trump has contradicted himself repeatedly about what he will actually build. I would attach very little weight to his statements about his future intentions at Menie.”

On Mr Trump’s claim that the proposed wind turbines will destroy the landscape, Cllr Ford said:

“The most important landscape feature at Menie was the amazing mobile dune system, vandalised by Mr Trump to build his first golf course.”

On Mr Trump’s claim that the lower oil price will make the proposed turbines uneconomic, Cllr Ford said:

“The need to tackle climate change is not affected by short-term fluctuations in the oil price. We must increase the proportion of energy produced from renewable sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – in accordance with scientific evidence, international obligations and domestic legislation.”

On Mr Trump’s claims that he and his Menie golf development are very popular, Cllr Ford said:

“The emperor has no clothes. Mr Trump’s belief in his own popularity is just part of his fantasy view of the world.”

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  4 Responses to “Cllr Martin Ford Responds To Latest Trump Claims”

  1. I think they should treble the number of wind turbines, cos when that idiot trump opens his mouth all that seems to come out is wind. i’m sure that idiot could help generate a few extra kw next time he comes back over here.

  2. Well said Cllr Ford!

  3. This is an experimental development of turbines, designed to give the nation experience in the design of renewable energy equipment, and offshore engineering. We want high technology, professional engineering jobs, not third-world servant jobs.

  4. I have been following this issue with great interest as I and four colleagues were sued for £20 million by a golf estate developer who pushed through his development in a rural area next to a nature conservancy in South Africa some years ago. He lost the case. Afterwards I saw a programme on the Menie golf course and contacted Mr Ford, who sent me a brilliant summary of the mess created by Trump. Hats off to all of you who held fast.

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