Mar 052015

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David Forbes with his mother to whom he is full-time carer.

David Forbes with his mother to whom he is full-time carer.

David Forbes, Chairman of local voluntary led charity Future Choices is seeking votes to help secure him winning a very prestigious award later this month.

David has been a primary carer for his mum for over 10 years now as well as running an ever expanding charity which helps those with a physical disability get out of their homes and attend a weekly social group gathering at Inchgarth Community Centre.

He is also very outspoken and campaigns vigorously against UK Welfare Reform, more recently against the Work Capability Assessments which were carried out by French Firm ATOS.

David is very passionate about getting the best deal possible for disabled people.

David said:

“When I got the email from Wobia Entertainment House to inform me I had been nominated for such an award, I was shocked and surprised, but when I got a follow up email to inform me I had actually been shortlisted for the award for “Male Role Model of the Year”, I was in fact utterly speechless and deeply humbled, and I thank who ever put my name forward very much.”

Everyday, David works tirelessly to help not only his mum but members of the charity anyway he can by doing as much as he can to promote the charity he adores so much.

David added:

“To see my mum smile along with her chums – that’s priceless, and if I can do any more to make that continue, I will. It’s because of the public that Future Choices still exists and im so proud of my team and my volunteers.”

David needs your votes to help him secure his win, you can watch his promo video which has all the details about the upcoming event here.

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  1. David is a tireless campaigner on issues surrounding disability. He is an amazingly aware person & understands about government cut will impact on ordinary citizens. I have no hesitation in supporting David for this award.

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