Jun 062014

1656206_672162342847660_436365328_nWith thanks to Paul Robertson. 

Banff & Buchan campaigners for independence have thanked visitors following a good turnout at a Yes Coffee Morning in Macduff on Saturday, May 31.

Dozens of residents turned out to ask questions, speak to political representatives, and learn more about the benefits of independence for Scotland at the event in Buchan Street Hall.

Among those in attendance was local Yes campaigner Ross Cassie, who welcomed the turnout and said that momentum was now clearly with the campaign for a Yes vote.

He said:

“It was a great day with a fantastic turnout. Many people who have not previously engaged in the political process are energised by the debate we are having just now. There were a lot of undecided people who came to find out the truth – and the truth is that Scotland is uniquely well equipped to be a successful, independent country.

“We will be heading out around Banff and Buchan in the weeks ahead to make sure that undecided voters get the answers they want and the information they need to cast a Yes vote for an independent Scotland on 18 September.”

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  One Response to “Campaigners Celebrate Yes Day Success”

  1. So the answers we have all been waiting for are to be found in Macduff! Not in Holyrood, Westminster, Strasbourg or Brussels but in Macduff!

    Scotland is so “uniquely well equipped to be a successful independent country” that the proponents of Independence wish to rely on a foreign country for monetary policy, setting of interest rates, lender of last resort, allowing us to enter into a currency union with them, sharing their Head of State etc etc etc. We would be the most dependent Independent country in the world.

    Lead on Macduff!!!

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