Apr 052013

Elaine Pirie of the Au-Pair Pet Centre has long been involved in animal issues, and now brings the Yellow Dog Project to the attention of Aberdeen Voice Readers.

I would like to highlight the importance of the Yellow Dog project UK. This is a global project which originated in Sweden and now involves around 20 different countries.

The idea is to make every one aware that some dogs need space, this can be signified by a yellow ribbon on the dog’s lead or the dog may be wearing a yellow bandana or vest.

Dogs need space for a variety of different reasons, they may be elderly and frail, recovering from illness or surgery, some may be in training, while others may be fearful and or reactive.

Aggressive dogs should always be muzzled in public but the yellow ribbon may help with this also, there are many reasons that a dog may be aggressive.  The world can be a very scary place for these dogs.

If any of you should see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon, bandana or vest, please recall your dogs and respect that some dogs need space.  Parents and schools could be of great help to raise the awareness, educating children not to run up to dogs, especially if they see the yellow ribbon.

Any one interested in knowing more about the Yellow Dog Project should visit www.yellowdoguk.co.uk. This is a non-profitable organisation with free posters which you can print off and post in your work place, school, community centre or park.

Those of us who own or walk yellow dogs thank you for your help and respect.