Apr 292013

Ally Coutts and Jonathan Russell from Aberdeen and District CND urge sympathisers to get involved in Faslane Peace Camp.

With ridding Scotland of Trident weapons high on the political agenda, we are keen to encourage interested and committed people to become part of the Peace Camp community.

The Peace Camp is located close to the Faslane nuclear weapons base on the Clyde and although it’s been occupied for the past thirty years it’s currently facing closure.

This is despite the efforts of four young people who have worked hard to restore the Camp and build a community. These committed activists need others to join them if the Peace Camp is to remain open.

A meeting on the Camp’s future took place on 14 April and it was decided to defer the final decision for a month to see if interest could be drummed up.

To find out more about supporting the Peace Camp or living there, you can contact:

  • Ally Coutts via mobile 07961 454297 or e-mail faslane30@gmail.com
  • Julia on mobile 07448 040044 at the Peace Camp.

If you’re interested you can arrange a visit.