Apr 192012

With its wonderful trees and open space and, of course, the Don flowing round it all in the legendary shape of a bishop’s crook, Seaton Park is our little bit of countryside in the city.  With thanks to Old Aberdeen Community Council. 

It offers us all kinds of leisure opportunities, walking the dog, playing football, picnicking by the river, letting the children and grandchildren run around, or perhaps just reading on a bench by the formal flower beds or snoozing in the walled garden.

Did you know there was a walled garden?

Seaton Park is a well-loved space,  but there is a growing sense that it could be so much better with more focused care, protection and attention.

It’s the poor relation of Duthie and Hazlehead Parks which seem to get all the attention at the moment, so perhaps it’s time for the community to pay more attention to OUR park.

With the support of the surrounding communities, Old Aberdeen Community Council is encouraging the formation of a residents’ group as a focal point for:

  • safeguarding the park
  • linking with the different agencies who already look after its trees, gardens and paths so well
  • raising its profile and generally promoting well-planned development to enhance its natural attractiveness and popularity.

We must ensure that the park survives these hard financial times and is recognised by our City Council as important a part of the city’s natural heritage as Duthie and Hazlehead parks which seem to be attracting all the funding .

You’ve probably heard how the Friends of Duthie Park have been able to access funds to bring fresh life to their park. Closer to home, Sunnybank Park has been revitalised by its local community.

Just think what we could all do for Seaton Park.

A number of residents have already offered ideas on how they would like to see the park improved.

Some would like to see a formalised barbecue area by the river, others have asked for a play area for older children with a skateboard ‘half-pipe’ and a zip line, still others feel that more toilets are the priority.

We would all like to see some means for letting people know about events being organised.

So, perhaps it is time for the community to play a more active role.

If you think this is a good idea, please show your support by getting in contact with us. We won’t ask you to start mowing the grass or to dig ditches, just let us know you are keen to support the enhancement of Seaton Park.

Our Facebook page is Seaton Park Friends. Join that, or email us at seatonpark@oldaberdeen.org.uk

You can also write to
Dewi Morgan,
107 High Street,
Old Aberdeen
AB24 3EN

Come to a meeting!

We plan to hold a meeting in Dunbar Street Hall on Saturday 21 April at 2pm to discuss creating a Friends of Seaton Park group. We hope to have speakers from the Friends of Duthie Park who can pass on their experiences and suggestions and Aberdeen Council have promised its support too.

If you possibly can, please come along and lend your support. If you can’t make the meeting, do drop us a line to give us your support and to be put on our contact list.

Let’s work together to create the park we want.

Dunbar St Hall,
Saturday 21st April at 2pm
– we hope you can join us!