Sep 042011

From: Foi Enquiries <>

To: sgvk27 <>

Sent: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 16:56

Subject: FOI-11-0041 – A Tree for Every Citizen Financials


Dear Ms Kelly,

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delays in providing you with this

portion of your information request, made under the Freedom of Information

(Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA).


Aberdeen City Council (ACC) has completed the necessary search for the

information requested. As the information which you have requested is

environmental information, as defined under Regulation 2(1) of the Environmental

Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (the EIRs), we cannot disclose the

information to you through FOISA, and must issue a refusal notice to you under

Section 39(2) of FOISA to that effect. However, you have a separate right to

access the information which you have requested under Regulation 5 of the EIRs.



Please send me accounts of what money was spent and is budgeted for future

expenditure for the ‘Tree for Every Citizen scheme’.

Phase I (first 3 years of 5 year programme): expenditure to date is £206,700,

income to date is £213,600.

Budgeted expenditure (for maintenance) for the next 2 years is £23,000, with

grant income of £74,000.


Phase II (5 year programme): £411,000 expenditure, £412,000 income


Please send me a list of what money has been received from public and private

sources for the ‘Tree for Every Citizen scheme’.

To date the Tree For Every Citizen Scheme has received:


£200,000 from Scottish Government

£14,000 from Aberdeen Greenspace

£2,500 from Businesses.


This information should include expenditure on the expert who was hired to

implement the scheme, and any and all advertising in support of this scheme,

such as and including the advertisement in the September 7 Aberdeen Citizen


Project Management (external professional) expenditure to date (incurred over

past 4 years): £42,000. This is budgeted for within external funding above.


The insert in the Aberdeen Citizen newspaper cost approximately £145.80. This

was not an advert but an article in the Green Times supplement produced by ACC

and circulated with the Aberdeen Citizen. No advertising has been bought to

support this scheme.


I also require the amount budgeted for the contractors who will carry out the

planting (as mentioned in the September 7 advertisement).

For Phase II: £411,000. Please note that this includes all contract and other

infrastructure and maintenance works including surveys and project management).

All of this figure will be covered from external funding as it was in Phase 1.


How much money will it cost for this year’s deer cull and future culls?

Approximately £8,000 over 2010-11, £14,000 over the following 4 years. This will

be covered from external funding.


We hope this helps with your request.


Yours sincerely,


Helen Cannings

Freedom of Information Compliance Officer