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With thanks to Gavin Mowat, Constituency Assistant to Christian Allard MSP.

Christian Allard MSP at a Polling StationFrench born MSP Christian Allard has used a debate at the Scottish Parliament to condemn “Britain’s shrinking democracy”.

Mr Allard was speaking on a motion titled ‘10 Million Missing Voters’ where he took the opportunity to stress that “for democracy to work we need people to vote”.

According to a report by the Smith Institute, 10 million voters have been excluded from the democratic process because of the failings of the new electoral registration system.

Mr Allard praised a campaign by Shelter Scotland and the Electoral Commission to get people registered to vote because anybody living in this country “should have the right to vote”. But he also raised concerns about the “democratic deficit” in Britain in relation to EU citizens being excluded from the up-coming referendum on EU membership.

Commenting, Christian Allard MSP said:

“Democracy is not a tap – it is not a tap that you open and close hoping people will register and vote in some elections and not in others.

“Democracy is a right, it’s a human right to go and vote. This Parliament has to be very strong about that human right to vote.

“There are 18,990 EU citizens – plus me –  in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray who will be able to vote in the Scottish Parliament election in May, but who stand to be excluded from the EU referendum.

“This is another democratic deficit we need to address – Britain is definitely a shrinking democracy.

“Let us remind the UK Government and all the people living here, for democracy to work we need people to vote.”

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  4 Responses to “French Born MSP Condemns ‘Britain’s Shrinking Democracy’”

  1. It would appear that no one does hypocrisy and a complete lack of self – awareness quite like Christian Allard.

    Hot on the heels of Mr Allard lecturing us on “racism” as a proud member of a political party which sought to bankrupt an entire nation on no economic or political basis but simply because they don’t like English people, Mr Allard now issues his latest diatribe against the UK Government on the subject of democracy, despite himself and his party continuing to agitate for their ideological and, some might say, racist goal less than eighteen months after seeing it democratically rejected by a substantial majority.

    Were this not enough to potentially condemn Mr Allard to the status of eternal laughing stock, he forgets to mention that he and his party decided to withhold the right to vote, in the 2014 Referendum, from Scots who lived, temporarily or otherwise, and worked in other parts of the UK, and engineered a vote for schoolchildren because they thought such young and impressionable individuals might be gullible enough to vote for their non – existent cause.

    Fortunately for the nation, our youngsters were not as daft as Mr Allard and his colleagues had hoped.

    • I find your comment inaccurate, and frankly disgraceful. The electorate in the 2014 referendum consisted of those people who lived in Scotland. It was not selected by race as per your suggestion (Scots living abroad) but consisted of only those people who chose to work and live in Scotland. It is you, sir, who is playing the race card.The extension of the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds was a triumph. Engaging young people in the democratic process is surely essential to our future as a democracy. They did vote slightly in favour to end our dependency but that is hardly the point – it is they who will spend longest in captivity and it is surely their voice that needs to be heard the loudest. Like all those who seek to end the charade of the British Imperial state I am not anti-English, but certainly do seek to end the British State and liberate not just my fellow Scots, but all of those living under the yoke of a state that exists to perpetuate the privileges of the few over the rights of the many.

      • Oh dear, I believe you have exemplified all of the denial, delusion, dictatorial dogma, prejudice, pretence, revisionism and racism of nationalists the world over within one single paragraph.

        The historic British imperialism you speak of included the actions of Scots, who provided the most enthusiastic and valuable contribution, particularly in the fields of military occupation, policing, administration and slave supervision/ownership. Indeed it is the case that Scotland benefitted and profited more from slavery than any other area of the United Kingdom.

        The failure of anyone, within the SNP or the wider nationalist movement, to provide a rational economic or geo – political case for separation from the rest of the United Kingdom, leaves one to search in vain for any other explanation for the ideological basis which forms the raison d’être of the SNP, other than the sort of racism and prejudice which might appear to lead you to believe that you live in “captivity” and that Scotland is an oppressed colony of England.

        To get back to the nationalist hypocrisy of Mr Allard, I would be interested to hear his thoughts on the nationalist aspirations of La Corse et Bretagne but suspect I am to be deprived of his musings on such issues.

  2. Thanks for finally writing about > French Born MSP Condemns ‘Britain’s Shrinking Democracy’
    – Aberdeen Voice < Liked it!

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