Nov 262015

With thanks to Future Choices.

futurechoiceslogothmLocal Voluntary Charity Future Choices turns 7 years old this weekend which means they should be celebrating with joy, however the Chairman of the Charity has concerns going into the new year.

The Charity has been providing much needed social inclusion to the most vulnerable individuals across the city by providing recreational activities.

As most organisations find themselves going through hurdles like funding, transport – Future Choices is struggling with the downturn in volunteers.

Chairman David Forbes said:

“I understand and totally appreciate that people live busy lifestyles but that can prove extremely challenging for us running our group gatherings & outings, if the volunteers cannot for what ever reason make it along”.

If the charity does not manage to attract new volunteers from the ages 16+, it could mean an impact on services in the future, like how often the group runs it’s group gatherings and other outings.”

David added:

“It’s amazing to think a group which delivers so much and runs 100% voluntary is still going strong to date – however i want to still continue to deliver a voluntary service to the community in the future, so I’m making a desperate plea for help.”

If you are interested in Volunteering with Future Choices, please email them on: or freephone them on 0800 5668728.

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  1. hi i am looking for the women who helps out with young people taken them out and about aberdeen in there wheel chair she suffered a stroke herself recently i think she takes them on a friday would like to get in touch with her thks 078082634527

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