Oct 172014

By Bob Smith.

Div ye myn o Peter Craigmyle
A gweed referee in his day
Fa ained a tobacconist shoppie
Sellin bogie roll an Craven A
Div ye myn o the Majestic Cinema
Wi its usherettes fair smairt
Div ye myn o Woolies in Union Street
Wi its bonnie twins richt pert
Div ye myn o the Kit Kat Café
Nae far fae Holburn Junction
Div ye myn o Mitchell and Muil
Fa catered fer teas an luncheon
Div ye myn o J & A Ogilvie
An upholsterer maist posh
Their Union Street  shoppie
Welcomed fowk wi lots o dosh
Div ye myn Peglers on Union Street
Ye cwid buy fresh fruit richt fine
Jist efter the war, fer bananas
Ye hid  ti aa queue in line
Div ye myn o Claud Hamilton
As coachbiggers they stairtit oot
Div ye myn o Rossleigh’s showroom
A placie o richt gweed repute
Div ye myn o Burroughs an Watts
Ye cwid play snooker or ping pong
Div ye myn o the Playhoose cinema
Showin picters like King Kong
Div ye myn o Herd’s Corner Hoose Restaurant
Aboot half wye doon Bridge Street
Div ye myn o a lounge in Back Wynd
A think it wis ca’ed The Elite
Div ye myn o The Northern Assurance
Hame o the famed Monkey Hoose
Div ye myn o Bon-Accord lemonade
A favourite in nearly ivvery hoose
Div ye myn fin Union Street wis full
O shops o aa different kines
Div ye myn o fowk shoppin in George Street
Fin bike wheels got stuck in tram lines
Div ye myn  o  Union Street Setterday nichts
Or on Sundays nae dodgin fowk drunk
Nae fear o aggro fae loons an quines
Fa noo are drunk as a skunk
©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
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  5 Responses to “Div Ye Myn (Pairt 2)”

  1. I do ‘myn’ and m,iss every. last one of them. Thanks for the memory Mr. Smith.

  2. I am old enough to remember more of these things than I would probably like Bob but great memories.

    Hot rowies wi butter( fan rowies wis rowies) and Bona Cola. Fine min!

    • Ay Bruce. Aa in the days fin Mitchell &Muil made the best tattie crisps on the market.

  3. I’d love someone to tell me that I am not imagining that Peglar’s Corner was an alternative meeting place to the monkey house for dating couples in the mid to late 50s. I may be aul, but I’m nae feel !!

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