Aug 152014

stfitticks (1)With thanks to Angela Theobald.

Despite the blustery weather on Saturday 9 August 2014, the St Fitticks Community Garden Open Day has encouraged more members of the Torry Community to adopt a raised bed at the site.

The Roots and Shoots team who have undertaken much of the work to establish the site were able to show visitors around and discuss the progress on the site so far.

They also set up a tarpaulin shelter and were able to provide teas and coffees for visitors and stall holders.

The event was supported by The Aberdeen City Waste Team who provided advice on Recycling and a ‘Dig for Victory’ display and SCARF Representatives were able to provide advice on Energy Efficiency.

The highlight of the day was the wonderful lunch prepared by members of the Fife Diet Seed Truck Team using produce that they had brought with them and other fruit and vegetables donated by CFINE.

Rob and Fergus supervised the preparation of 6 different veg dishes and a rhubarb and berry crumble which was enjoyed by all. Elspeth did an interesting talk on garden herbs and their different uses.

The good news is that five of the nine raised beds at the site are now in use with new volunteers signing up at the weekend.

If you are interested in taking on a raised bed or generally helping with the project please contact Tel: 01224714189.

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