Jul 112014
Gardenstown Yes strimmers

Bill Fraser, Richard O’Neill and Mark Wilson get to work with their strimmers. Photo credit: Newsnet Scotland​

Gardenstown garden strimmers have carved a giant ‘Yes’ into Mhor brae. With thanks to Paul Robertson.

Anyone visiting the coastal village of Gardenstown will be hard-pressed to miss a new addition to the landscape – the word ‘Yes’ carved into the Mhor brae.

Four Gardenstown garden strimmers – Kevin Barclay, Mark Wilson, Richard O’Neill and Bill Fraser – scaled the hill at the weekend and spent hours carving the 25 metre tall letters into the grass.

The foursome have committed to maintaining Gardenstown’s new landmark with regular outings with their strimmers.

Richard O’Neill said:

“It’s a bit of fun but it’s also a a very bold and deliberate statement.  We have people who’ve heard about it coming here to Gardenstown to see the big Yes and para-gliders from all over the country are flocking here to get aerial shots.

“It’s helped put Gardenstown on the map and we hope that people who come to see our handiwork will follow up by putting their cross next to Yes on September 18.”

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  9 Responses to “The Hills Are Alive With The Sight Of YES”

  1. Congratulations to the Gardenstown Gardeners – no “Slave Mentality” about them then!

  2. Ah the para – gliders of the world unite to visit Gardenstown? With the absolute greatest of respect, this appears to confirm the suspicion of some that the majority of Yes campaigners do not exactly have their feet on the ground. Hope all the crowds flocking to see this landmark fly carefully.

  3. Didn,t see many crowds flocking to see this at the weekend . Perhaps a dolphin carved in the hillside would be a more suitable , and lasting attraction . It,s a NO from me .

    • Or perhaps they could carve a giant pork pie so that those para – gliders caught up in the airborne traffic jams could be as one with the pie in the sky promises of the SNP led Yes Campaign.

  4. Typical response from the left wing no change to anything ever people on here, the one chance in our lifetime to have the chance to manage our own Country and some are too scared to grasp the opportunity, people are dying in many places over the World fighting for the right to have independence, in years gone by our forefathers fought for the right as well.

    Why on earth would you want controlled by eton educated English people in London when we could have a better Country standing on our own two feet?? Do you think they care about anything North of Watford?

    Ask yourself one question….why are they so desperate to keep us?

    • Hiya Billy,

      Now why I am I not surprised you’re a gnashionalist? Don’t tell me, your four fathers were Wallace, Bruce, Rob Roy and the mannie who used to sell Green Finals at the top of Market Street, or you were refused membership of the English Defence League after failing the entrance examination.

      I don’t know Bill, what are we to do with you? Here’s a chance to convert me though if you can explain to me how my life will be enhanced by voting to leave the UK. Should you provide any semblance of a compelling argument, I will personally fly over Gardenstown with a Yes banner trailing in the slipstream of my para – glider.

      • I’m not a nationalist, I’m just someone who believes we as a Country are more than capable of standing on our own two feet, I can’t promise your life will be enhanced, you stick with the current situation if you like, they’ve made a fine job of balancing the books and looking after our health service. I’m sure the new super dooper rail line running from the south of England to the midlands that’s going to cost billions will enhance your life, as will the multi Billion aircraft carriers and trident replacement.

        All those illegal multi billion wars need fought as well, those will really enhance your life, good thing we have great bankers in London making all this money to pay for things, it would be a nightmare if they ever messed up and needed bailing out.

        I honestly can’t understand why anyone living in any Country would want it governed elsewhere, particularly given how things have went with the union.

  5. Ask yourself one question….why are they so desperate to keep us?

    Sorry forgot that, find one compelling reason then please do say, I can’t think of one that doesn’t support voting yes.

  6. Hi Bill,

    1. I hate to break it to you but you are, whether you like it or not and by definition, a nationalist.

    2. The Health Service in Scotland is already a devolved issue and not the responsibility of Westminster but the current SNP Government on Scotland.

    3. Voting for separation will not, according to Nicola Sturgeon who expressed a willingness to negotiate on this issue, guarantee getting rid of Trident.

    4. Saying repeatedly that a war is illegal does not make it so and there is always the possibility, no matter how unlikely, that an illegal war may be launched against us by another state. I assume you would then re – assign the Gardenstown para – gliders to defend us from rocket attacks.

    5. The worst culprit in the banking meltdown was the Edinburgh based RBS, led by well known Scot – Fred Goodwin. The proposed vision of Independence on offer is based on the discredited assumption that a foreign country will step in to save Scotland if they do the same again.

    6. The Union is far from perfect but what we are being asked to vote in favour of is a child – like fantasy based on nothing more than the hope and expectation that we are sufficiently stupid not to see how silly the whole thing is. The SNP ask us to accept a proposal that the whole of Europe will do what Scotland tells them because, well just because. This is not Independence, it is insanity.

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