Jul 082014

Stewart Milne tall by Dave HarrisonBy Bob Smith.

Stewartie Milne wints ti bigg
Hooses doon Pitfodels wye
Aa ti bi class’t as luxury
Wi prices fair sky high

‘Ere is a need says Stewartie
Fer mair hooses o es kine
A fyow mair luxury hames
Wull suit Aiberdeen jist fine

Awa an bile yer heid min
It’s the laist thing we div need
Biggin mair owerpriced mansions
An only affordable ti ae creed

Fit aboot biggin some hoosies
Aat’ll help the first time buyers?
An nae jist pander ti the likes
O big business types an lawyers

Oor streets are paved wi gold
Fowk fae oot the toon are telt
So Stewartie maan be hopin
Aat ess hooses wull seen be selt.

Bigg ‘em quick-price ’em heich
The motto o fowk like Mr Milne
Nivver myn the puir buggers
Still on the property treadmill

It seems aat oor toon planners
Beery their heids doon in the sand
An dee nithin aboot the less affluent
Faa need a wee helpin hand

Bigg ‘em quick—price ‘em lower
Wid dee a lot mair fer the needy
So Stewartie Milne gie es a thocht
An dinna be sae bliddy greedy.

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
Images from original artwork by Dave Harrison.

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  One Response to “Bigg ‘Em Quick—Price ‘Em Heich”

  1. Stewart Milne somehow gained permission to completely knock down and remove Dalhebity House in Bieldside, a beautiful listed mansion house and put a new build pastiche in its place. When I first moved to this end of Aberdeen, I went out for walks to explore the area and coming to the edge of the forest, I was able to see Dalhebity House and explored the ruined outbuildings, (I didn’t know I was on private land I just thought it was part of the forest). I feel very lucky I was able to see Dalhebity before it was destroyed, as I love period buildings.

    Years later I discover it was Stewart Milne’s home which he knocked down (somewhere between 2007 to 2010), but what is very sad is that Dalhebity House was Princess Diana’s maternal grandmother’s (Baroness Fermoy) ancestral home where she was born and brought up.

    In my opinion, Mr Milne SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED to destroy a listed building of important historical interest.

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