Dec 302013

What’s the logic in scoring from a free kick yet not a penalty, ponders Voice reporter Andrew Watson.

pittodrieWeather wise it was a clear sky, if not a bit on the chilly side.  The Reds were relentless in the opening minutes of the game and were duly rewarded.

Nicky Low and his teammates elected to cause maximum confusion with a set piece straight from the training ground.

He curled the ball beautifully past the opposing keeper, much in manner Niall McGinn has scored recently.

1-0 (Low) after only two minutes!

The Dons onslaught continued, with a successful penalty claim seemingly only minutes after.

The crowd’s reaction wasn’t too different from the cheer you’d get when a goal had been scored.  In fact, and sorry to criticise, they seemed to take for granted that they were already now two goals ahead.

Scott Vernon lumbered up for the spot kick, and to be honest I felt my cynicism rise and my hope fade.  I hated being proven right in such circumstances as the Staggies keeper parried Vernon’s shot expertly.

73 minutes into the game, with possession metaphorically almost on the other foot, midfielder Ryan Jack left the pitch to be replaced by Barry Robson. Four minutes later, Pawlett came off for Cammy Smith.  At the 84 minute mark, Josh Magennis came on for Scott Vernon.

All in all, Aberdeen enjoyed a hearty proportion of the possession but struggled to turn that into goals.  Too often they passed backwards and from side to side, with little incision when pushing forward.  Long balls didn’t seem to work very well either.

However, players like Mark Reynolds proved in their absence how much they’re needed in the team.  It appeared, also, that boss Derek McInnes was deliberately resting players, like captain Russell Anderson.

Final score:  1-0.