Sep 172013

read_all_about_it-2With thanks to Suzanne Kelly.

The state of the EE has proved divisive in our area.

Some see a dark hole that should be rid of druggies and alcoholics. Some think it is a waste of space, empty of any meaningful content.

Some see a cute place to look at baby picture competitions.

Have your say on the future of this once-loved institution.

Answer questions which are in no way leading, and have your say.  Participate in this survey, the completely scientific results of which will be shared with government, Star Fleet Academy, and even ACSEF.

The survey can be found here

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  14 Responses to “New Poll Launched To Save the E.E.”

  1. I would suggest it is divise only in your head, the rest of us take it or leave it.

    BTW The survey isn’t funny.

    • I have to say your suggestion is unfounded George. I can confirm that I also find it to be, amongst other things, extremely divisive. When you refer to the “rest of us” who are you speaking for exactly?

      • Well, people are certainly replying, and some of the comments, well, let’s say they are a tad critical of the EE. One person even thinks they just print press releases instead of pounding the pavement looking for ground-breaking stories. George, this is a (satirical) poll, and it is not intended to be funny, just like the ‘mend our broken hearts’ campaign is not at all cynical or satirical. A collection of the (printable) results will be forthcoming. However, I think it would take more than a £90 million TIF loan to fix the EE.

      • Bruce,

        US refers to everyone outside the anti everything brigade that flourishes in Aberdeen, now i don’t know you but I would bet good money you know Suzanne in person and campaign on the same issues as her. Please forgive me If I’m wrong but I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

      • I’m terribly sorry George, but you are wrong, possibly not for the first time.

  2. I know nothing of the broken heart campaign, I don’t buy the local papers, may I suggest you do likewise if you don’t like the content.

    • I hadn’t appreciated there was ANY topic you know nothing of, George. However, when there are only two local papers owned by one entity, and the papers are persistently lobbying to ruin our only city centre free green space (instead of say reporting the actual news), it is important to read their contents to know what they are saying, don’t you think? You might love the local papers George; they certainly hold and actively push viewpoints close to your own. PS – I never recommended buying the things, did I?

      • They certainly speak for the majority if they support the CGP, don’t you recall the referendum result.

        You read the paper with a biased viewpoint, I recall buying it in the run up to the vote on the gardens and the coverage was 50/50, both sides given even coverage

        And yeah I know a lot about most things, free thinkers often do.

    • George,

      It seems a little hypocritical to suggest not reading something, or responding to it, if you don’t like the content, whilst reading and frequently responding negatively to articles which you clearly don’t like.
      Incidentally, I have never, as you suggest, met or campaigned on issues wih Ms Kelly. It occurs to me, however, that the focus of your energy should be the serious issues raised, which are worthy of healthy debate and respectful disagreement, rather than seeking to personally disparage or discredit those inividuals who do not share your views.

      • Agree with everything you say Bruce.

        George, If you read this I have never met Bruce!!! but I did work for the EE when it was a respected paper. Something sadly it cannot be classed as now. As you rightly say tho we can take the EE or leave it. The plummeting circulation would suggest people are leaving it.

  3. George,
    Your comment about both sides getting equal coverage during the CGP debate is way off the mark,
    The column inches given over to Sir Ian Wood, Acsef and the City Gardens Trust was way in advance of that given to the likes of FOUTG. something like 75% to 25%.

  4. The Evening Express has indeed a falling circulation, but it’s on a par with other local and national newspapers, in this digital age of online news and 24 hour a day news channels. I do buy the Evening Express it’s delivered to my house every day, it has the best coverage of local sport, announcement’s, classifieds, what’s on, reviews and daily columns by local journalists, politicians, and celebrities who usually have opposing views on local issues. As I recall Frank Gilfeather was against the CGP as was local councillor John Reynolds who voted against it in council chambers, but Scott Begbie was for it or the other way round who remembers who cares. It is what it is a local tabloid newspaper that provides a wealth of local information for local people. Start from the back page and work to the front.
    As pointed out it shares the same owner and editorial chief as the P&J which also has a falling circulation but is far out performing every other local newspaper in Scotland now that is interesting!!!

    Name of title, total circulation, percentage change year-on-year


    Aberdeen – Evening Express : 43,067 ; -10.0%
    Aberdeen – Press & Journal : 68,659 ; -3.4%
    Dundee Courier & Advertiser : 56,243 ; -9.3%
    Dundee Evening Telegraph : 22,496 ; -4.8%
    Edinburgh – Evening News : 35,611 ; -10.9%
    Glasgow – Evening Times : 45,942 ; -12.3%
    Greenock Telegraph : 13,470 ; -6.1%
    Paisley Daily Express : 6,887 ; -8.6%

    • Jim,

      Just so that there is no misunderstanding on my part, could you please comfirm you are actually suggesting that the coverage of the Granite Web/UTG redevelopment propsals, by the Evening Express and Press & Journal, was unbiased, neutral, and did not seek to influence the debate in any way whatsoever.
      Please accept my apologies if I have misinterpreted your comments.


    • A liitle over 500 bothered to take part in the survey in the”EE’s” much vaunted “Mend our broken heart “campaign. That perhaps gives an indication of the public’s view of the paper. The views of only
      500 will carry very little weight in the greater scheme of things. A complete waste of time and effort although I myself did take the trouble to participate.

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