Jul 082013

With thanks to Claire McBain.

Semi-retired and retired Aberdonians David Gillanders and Gordon Hutcheon officially revealed Miss Moneypenny, their ‘banger’ for the Monte Carlo or Bust Rally, a nail-biting cross-country adventure.
Their sponsorship target is £6,000 to make sure children with complex additional support needs, most further challenged by autism, can follow their dreams at north-east social care charity VSA’s Linn Moor Residential School.

To qualify and participate in the rally ‘bangers’ must simply have four wheels and not exceed a value of £250.

Pilot and former British rally champion David said:

“We’ll be in a car capable of doing 50mph and blowing up at any moment.  It’s very different from what I’m used to.  We start on Wednesday 10 July travelling 600 miles from Aberdeen to the Euro Tunnel in a seventeen-year-old Nissan Micra. 

“On Thursday we’ll arrive in Saint Quentin, France where the rally officially begins.  The next day we’ll travel a further 250 miles to Dijon, France.  Another 300 miles will take us through Switzerland to Turin, Italy on Saturday.  And Sunday’s final 165-mile push will take us, hopefully, to the finish in Monte Carlo, Monaco on 14 July.  It coincides with Bastille Day, which means we won’t be the only ones in the party spirit.

“You’re judged on how much you spend in comparison to how good the car looks.  It’s all relative.  With being dealt race number 007, what else could we call her but Miss Moneypenny?  True to her character, we painted her jet black with big red lips on the bonnet.

“Because Gordon is involved with VSA and I like Aberdeen-based charities, particularly involving children, it was a no brainer.  Our primary objective is to raise as much money as possible for Linn Moor but it’s going to be an amazing experience.”

 Co-pilot Gordon who chairs VSA’s ball committee, said:

“If you haven’t been lucky enough to personally experience it, Linn Moor is a very special place.  People with autism have said they see the world as a mass of people, places and events that they struggle to make sense of. 

“But at Linn Moor the committed staff nurture the unique abilities, strengths and talents of young people aged five to 18.  It’s a truly incredible service.  But it depends largely on voluntary income to make its students’ lives as fun, meaningful and educational as possible.  We’re over the moon to be able to help.”

 Wendy Milne, registered care manager at Linn Moor Residential School, said:

“VSA is a huge, varied charity so it’s always touching when people choose to support Linn Moor specifically.  We love to hear about people tackling ambitious personal challenges while fundraising for us so it’s amazing to have David and Gordon on board.  Generous efforts like this are essential to keep giving our students the best care, support and education possible.”

To support VSA’s Linn Moor School through David and Gordon’s adventure please visit:  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/GordonandDavidMonteCarloChallenge