Apr 122013

By Bob Smith.

A national survey o fitba fans
SFA authorities hiv cairry’t oot
Tae see fit fans are thinkin
Fit things fans wid gie the boot
Bigger leagues fans div wint
Iss een is tap o their list
Yet the money men in fitba
Say iss idea his nae grist
Ae bodie tae rin Scottish fitba
Iss thocht it fair his merit
Lit’s aa hope the heid yins
Aboot iss idea they aa git it
Kick aff times they gyang back
Tae 3pm on a Setterday
Nae spread ower the wikk
Jist so’s TV can hae their say
The season tae bide the wye it is
Fae August throwe tae May
In Simmer time fowk dee ither things
Than watch their favourites play
The cost tae watch a gemme
Shud noo cum doon in price
Iss een the powers aat be
Maun listen tae fans’ advice
Fowk dinna wint 12-12-18 leagues
Wi aa its different splits
A plan drawn up bi eejits
Wi a help fae ither gits
Fans they are the lifeblood
O the gemme it’s fer sure
Yet TV companies they dictate
Tae satisfy the fireside viewer
A’m auld aneuch tae myn
Fitba afore the ‘ear o ’75
Fin fans hid a bigger league
Gemme’s feenish’t at quarter tae five
Fit’s the eese o haen a survey
If fowk’s wishes they dinna heed
A’m feart it’s aa doon tae money
An nae fit puir fans need
Bit a wee warnin tae the SFA
An tae chairmen in SPL and SFL
Ignore fans wishes at yer peril
An be telt tae gyang tae hell
The fans hiv clearly shown
They think fitba’s in a state
If thingies dinna chynge a’m feart
They’ll nae langer cum throwe the gate
A fitba match withoot ony fans
Wid be like Wallace withoot Gromit
An verra seen the gemme wid dee
An T.V. companies wid then hop it
So fowks in chairge o oor game
Afore Scottish fitba it git’s lost
Bring in a bigger league noo
An reduce the bliddy cost

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013