Dec 122012

8644307_sBy Bob Smith.

Weel ma freens, ivvery month or so yer gyaan tae hae pit up wi me pittin forrit ma opeenion aboot things gweed or nae sae gweed in oor society an in oor toon o Aiberdeen.

As weel as ma poetry a’ll be haen a go at writin a bittie o prose, hopefully tae mak ye laach or maybe mak ye greet.

Iss wikk a’m takkin tae task aa thae fowk fa hurl vile chunts an insults at fitba matches, be it at the ither team, their supporters, the refs, an fit really gets up ma nib, hurlin abuse at their ain team’s players an managers.

At times a’m mair than sure that aa the local eejits hae a meetin at the same time an place, ivvery second Setterday. Fit wye his it tae be held at Pittodrie a ask masel?

Noo am sure wiv aa hid a go, at sometime or anither, dootin the ref’s parentage. Iss is nae fit am oan aboot. It’s the vile scunnerin chunts aboot fowks perceived sexual preferences, their nationality, an ony misfortune fit his happened tae players etc in their private lives.

Fit kine o bodie sinks sae low as tae utter sic things?

Noo a’ve stairted tae tak notice o the age group o thae fowk in seats nae far awa fae faar a’m sittin fa indulge in sic chants. Nearly 99% are aged aroon 40 or unner. So maybe it’s a generation thingie or  mair likely a problem fit affects society as a hail.

A can gie an instance o the wye things are gyaan. A fyow wikks ago a chiel in the Richard Donald Stand wis pissed oot o his myn (fit begs the question fit wye wis he alood in in the first place?).

He wis gyaan ower the score wi his ranting an fin the stewards tried tae sort things oot they war met wi a torrent o abuse fae some fowk roon aboot faar he wis staanin an fin the stewards ca’ed in the bobbies the abuse got worse.

Paddy Buckley, yon great centre forward in the 1950’s,  missed the goal completely  fae aboot twa yairds oot

The mannie wis clearly oot o order an the bobbies war richt tae escort him oot o the stand. Some fowk roon aboot me jist shook their heids in despair at the abuse the stewards an the bobbies hid tae pit up wi.

Noo a’m auld aneuch ti myn o gyaan tae fitba matches awa back an unless ma myn deceives me, a canna myn o abuse like iss bein hurled at anither human bein.

There wis a lot o gweed naitered banter wint on an fowk enjoyed their efterneen oot at the fitba. Fans warna segregated up tull the 1960’s an I’ve stood on the terraces alangside fans o the opposing teams, hid gweed crack wi them an nivver felt threatened.

Ye wid hear the odd difference o opeenion noo an agane bit verra rarely did it ging ayont aat.

Fans an players interacted wi een anither back then.

I can myn fin Paddy Buckley, yon great centre forward in the 1950’s,  missed the goal completely  fae aboot twa yairds oot. Paddy turned tae the crowd at the Merkland Road eyn wi a huge grin on his face an shruggit his shooders.

There wis a ripple o laachter wint aroon the grun cos they kent Paddy widna miss the next time.

Can ye imagine the fans response if Scott Vernon did the same thing nooadays? There wid be a pitch invasion. The entertainment an fun his gin oot o fitba an we as fans maan tak some o the responsibility fer iss.

Mak a lot o noise bi aa means bit channel yer fervour intae supportin yer team withoot aa the vile chunts.