Feb 022013

Staff from six Moray distilleries are helping to bring Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest back from the brink by taking up life memberships of conservation charity Trees for Life.  With thanks to Richard Bunting.

Representatives from Speyside East distilleries, run by drinks company Diageo,  received life memberships from Trees for Life’s Executive Director Alan Watson Featherstone at an event at Drummuir Castle.
Matthew Desmond, who works at Mortlach Distillery near Dufftown, developed the scheme to promote the importance of a healthy environment for the Scotch whisky industry.

He involved colleagues from neighbouring distilleries, and funded the life memberships through a £1,500 personal donation to Trees for Life.

Diageo matched Matthew’s donation with a further £1,500.  Matthew said:-

“We are really proud to be supporting Trees for Life’s restoration of the Caledonian Forest. A healthy environment benefits everyone, and my colleagues and I were keen to play our part in helping to bring new life to the stunning wild landscapes of the Highlands,”

Alan Watson Featherstone said:

“I’d like to thank Matthew and his colleagues for their inspiring action. At Trees for Life, we depend on the support of our members to fund our vital conservation work. Members make a real difference to our project to restore Scotland’s equivalent of a rainforest and to create a brighter future for the special wildlife of the Highlands.”

Only a fraction of the former Caledonian Forest now survives, but Trees for Life has planted more than one million trees at dozens of locations, and has created 10,000 acres of new forest. It has pledged to establish one million more trees by planting and natural regeneration within the next five years. Almost all of the charity’s practical conservation work is carried out by volunteers.

People can support Trees for Life by becoming members and by funding dedicated trees and groves. The charity’s Conservation Weeks allow people to gain practical conservation experience in beautiful locations. For more details, see www.treesforlife.org.uk or call 0845 458 3505.

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  2 Responses to “Distilleries Act To Restore Caledonian Forest”

  1. From a few minutes ago they’ll be getting my £3 a month. Whisky and trees, two of my fav things.

  2. Many thanks Alan for taking out a membership with Trees for Life – I’m very grateful for your support.

    With best wishes,

    Alan Watson Featherstone, Executive Director, Trees for Life

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