Nov 162012

On 7 October, Hugo Chavez was re-elected as President of Venezuela. Since 1998, Chavez and his Bolivarian movement have championed the cause of the poor in Latin America and have proved to be tough opponents to the power structure that would see them deposed in the same way that Pinochet dealt with the Allende Government in Chile. With thanks to Mike Martin.

Film showing, Monday 19 November at New King’s NK10 at 1930

Two independent filmmakers were inside the Presidential Palace in Caracason 11 April 2002, when Chavez and his team were forcibly removed from office. They were also present 48 hours later when, remarkably, he returned to power amid cheering aides and massive pro-Chavez demonstrations.

The film records what was probably history’s shortest-lived coup d’état. It is a unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man The Wall Street Journal credits with making Venezuela, ‘Washington’s biggest Latin American headache after the old standby, Cuba’.

This meeting has been organised by the Aberdeen Latin America Solidarity Network and is supported by the Shared Planet Society and the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

Everybody is welcomed to attend.

For more info: or contact Mike Martin 0797-476-3082