Apr 222012

“Dear ,

I would just like to let you know that I have participated in the consultation on the Implementation of EU Regulation 1099/2009 to protect the welfare of animals at time of slaughter. This is something you will soon have to address in the Parliament and I hope you will consider backing the call for the Scottish Government to use Regulation 1099/2009 to maintain all current welfare standards and, wherever possible, add to and strengthen the laws protecting animals from unnecessary pain and suffering at time of slaughter. In particular I ask that you support the call for a total ban on the killing of sentient animals with all animals being stunned to full loss of consciousness before being killed. I also ask you to support calls for the compulsory use of CCTV to monitor the handling of animals from the moment they arrive at the abattoir until after they are slaughtered.

I would be grateful if you would bring my views on this matter to the attention of the relevant Minister and please inform me as to whether or not you attend any Parliamentary sessions addressing the implementation of Regulation 1099/2009 and let me know what, if any, your participation is in this process.

Yours sincerely”

(fill in your name and address and their names of course);