Dec 102010

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Have you ever felt a little twinge of guilt when buying Christmas presents which are destined to be consumed, broken or discarded even before the cards are taken down from the mantelpiece?

Well, one of Aberdeen’s busiest environmental charities has come up with a long-term solution.

Giving someone the present  of a ‘Tree Gift’ will mean that they have helped create a wildlife habitat and improved the local environment by having a tree planted as part of a wild fruiting hedge and orchard project run by eco-friendly charity Aberdeen Forward. Recipients of this unique gift will receive a card containing details of the project and of the tree species being planted on their behalf.

The charity, which also runs a Sustainable Communities Centre offering craft classes eco-friendly workshops, composting schemes and waste minimisation projects, was established in 1999 and works with communities and businesses in the area to promote environmental awareness, reduce waste and encourage sustainable living.

Volunteer and Operations manager Gillian Marr told Aberdeen Voice:
“Our tree planting scheme is proving quite popular with people around the area.  They like the idea of a tree being planted by an environmental charity as a Christmas present rather than giving an ordinary gift.”

Those of a green persuasion will certainly be glad to hear that a Christmas tree is ‘for life – not just for Christmas’, as Gillian is keen to point out:

“It not only helps the environment with reducing waste at Christmas and decreasing the carbon footprint of the area but helps turn an unused piece of land into a wildlife garden encouraging biodiversity.

For details about the ‘Tree Gift’ project and more information about work done by the charity contact Aberdeen Forward on 01224 560 360,

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