Nov 042011

By Rt.Hon. George Maloney II  ( CEO Open Spaces UnLtd. )

On Saturday the 22nd of October a company called Open Spaces UnLtd went to the City Gardens design exhibition to unveil their ‘revolutionary’ proposal.

The group felt that the exhibition of only the 6 official options left a gaping hole in the public debate and led citizens to believe that the diggers were on their way: that all that was left to do was to pick one of the pretty pictures on the walls in the academy.

We held our exhibition outside on Belmont Street. We spoke to many hundreds of people that day and tallied up over 300 votes in 5 hours. We suspected that there couldn’t have been a lot more than that entered the exhibition during the day.

We feel that the omission of our proposal and others like it from the exhibition has had a profoundly negative effect on the public’s perception of the project.

Our client feedback forms from the day showed that a huge majority of those who attended felt that our proposal and others like it ought to have been included in the design exhibition.

We would like to thank all of those who voted for Option 7 and we look forward to seeing you all at our next public event.

Jun 242010

First of all let me be clear. I don’t want to be a local councillor. I think it’s probably a very thankless task, and the rewards, except for the youthful aspiring party hack-career politicians for whom minimum wage fries-shuffling in fast food outlets is the alternative, aren’t great. I’d hate the tedium of standing orders, the drudgery of committee work discussing the dog doo-doo problem in Dyce and would sicken pretty quickly of the public ridicule invited by increasingly-cynical ageing Benjamins the Donkey like me.

I’m still a voter though, and like many others, feel that we’ve been short-changed more than once by those who want our votes but seem to ignore us on key issues – and you know what they are.

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