Apr 232015

By Julia Ghisoni.RowiesRollsPancakes

Fa is it maks the best rowies?
Is it Murdoch Allan or Thains?
Or the Aberdeen Buttery Co.?
Or Aitken’s, I jist dinna ken
Far div ye ging for proper pies,
In proper pastry casings?
Ye dinna get them in Gregg’s
It’s Chalmer’s, Thain’s or Aitken’s ?
Pies wi’ chicken curry
Scotch pies, mince an’ tattie
There’s naethin’ sae fine for yer denner
Than a steak pie in a saftie.
The finest wee baker in Cults
Is soon tae be no more
Will Sainsbury’s sell decent pies
Fan Kelly shuts his door?
Div ye min The Baker’s Oven?
Mitchell Muil, Strathdee?
Low’s the baker in Torry?
Granite City Bakery?
Pies wi’ beans an’ tatties
Pies wi’ macaroni
Bridies, stovies, sassidge rolls
Pies wi’ mince an’ skirlie
The Gordon Baker, The Bedford
The Greenfern an’ The Byron
The Newton Dee an’ JG Ross
Oh fit rare, fit fine min.
There’s naewye like the ‘deen
If ye wint fine pies, it’s a caiker
Bide awa’ fae Gregg’s
An’ support yer local baker
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  5 Responses to “Fa Is It Maks The Best Rowies?”

  1. Its obviously the bread maker that makes the best rowies!!

  2. Bridies or Bradies? Not being be from Aberdeen I call em Bridies, is this a pronunciation issue?
    Oh, a definite Thains for me, haven’t been in some 20yrs tho….

  3. Best rowies in the 60s..70s were KENNEDYS Merkland Rd.

    • I know u posted this 5 years ago but I’m trying to make some rowies for me dad we live in Hull but me dad is fae The Deen & he was born in 1954 so I’m guessin his favourites are probably going to be from around the 60s & 70s I dunno exactly but I’m just trying 2 find out the best ones from the people of Aberdeen’s point of view so that hopefully then I could maybe track down a decent recipe coz if u lookin YouTube & Google for a recipe well they’re all completely different which kinda adds doubt & also makes it hard 2 pick which 1 2 do so anyway i know it’s a long shot but if u do happen to get this msg could u maybe let me know a bit about the best rowies from around tht time that a kid from logie gardens might of had when he was a wee bairn plz? Thankyou 👍🏻 Leanne

  4. Got to be Aitkens; well fired!

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