Apr 052015

An abject Aberdeen side will be kicking themselves after promising not to underestimate their Thistle opposition, only to escape undeservedly with a point, reports Voice’s Andrew Watson.

pittodrieIt was a dreich afternoon at Pittodrie, and a sizeable Red Army, given the fact this couldn’t exactly be termed a big match, had formed from all corners of the pitch.

Their voice, a resounding and at times frustrated one, should’ve spurred their team to glory from the stands. Pity it didn’t.

Lawrence Shankland was given a start up front, and seemingly justified his selection with two near chances in the early stages.

Though in all honesty more experienced players should’ve been on the pitch, if indeed they took their Firhill adversaries seriously in the slightest. Jonny Hayes’ work on the wings, supplying excellent balls, was kind of put to waste.

So why didn’t Niall McGinn start, let alone David Goodwillie or Peter Pawlett?

Granted, McGinn did come on the pitch on the 55 minute mark, with Shankland subbed. Willo Flood also came off for Pawlett.

26 minutes later Cammy Smith came on for Kenny McLean.

Overall, Partick had at least two good chances of their own, and much closer ones at that. Aberdeen really should’ve been a goal down by the final whistle.

It’s telling that the loudest cheer from the home crowd came as they gleefully celebrated the Thistle forward putting the ball just inches wide.

And although it seemed at times the referee was against them in the heat of the tackle, and that the linesmen were ignoring the offside rule to benefit of the Jags on the attack, the Dons shouldn’t have needed their help.

Two or three uncharacteristic slipups by Celtic are required to stand a chance in hell of somehow pinching the elusive league title.

Final score:  0-0.