Nov 052014

On Saturday 8th November at 11.30am there will be a rally outside Marks and Spencer’s in Aberdeen to raise concerns about the bombing campaign taking place in Iraq/Syria. With thanks to Jonathan Russell.

SyriaIraqdemoAll those speaking at and attending the rally from across the political divide are horrified by the rise of ISIS and do see the need for action to deal with the rise of ISIS.

We are united in that we consider that the bombing will, in the long term, make the situation worse as more people get killed and much needed infrastructure is destroyed.

There is one thing many people in the Middle East hate more than ISIS and that is Western Involvement.

Aberdeen and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament will be hosting the event.

The group’s chair, Jonathan Russell said:

“Interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have all been disastrous leading to  broken countries with hundreds of thousands dead and millions in refugee camps.

“Over the past three years there has been a massive increase in arms sales to the Middle East in particular Saudi Arabia but also Oman and Turkey it is these very countries allies of the West that have funded and armed ISIS and through whom oil has been sold. We need to be starving ISIS of resources, supporting the Iraqi government and Kurds, giving many more resources to refugees and toward rebuilding these failed countries.

“Bombing by West just feeds this wild frenzy of blood. We need a long term solution to the area this requires negotiation not more bloodshed”

Those speaking at the Rally will be Dame Anne Begg MP, Christian Allard MSP, Dr Jill Austin , Brian Carroll Aberdeen Trade Union Council and Sean McVeigh Radical Independence Campaign.

For further information contact Jonathan Russell
Tel 01224 586435
mobile 07582456233
or email

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  One Response to “Stop the Bombing Rally: Ways Forward For Iraq and Syria”

  1. There is no doubt that “long term solutions” are needed but there is no point in criticising intervention, at the request of those suffering at the hands of ISIS, without providing alternative proposals, other than doing nothing.

    Finding a way forward in the Middle East is difficult enough but pretending that centuries of bloodshed and ethnic and religious conflict was somehow created by Western involvement is a poor starting point.

    It would be helpful if we were to be told what level of special expertise, experience or knowledge these guest speakers might have, which would entice people to come and listen to what they have to say.

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