Sep 262014

By Bob Smith.
YesNo - Credit Kay Roxby - Creative Commons.

Scots wha hinna voted yes
Scots wha left Eck in a mess
Scots wha widna settle fer less
Wint on ti victory
Wee Eck tho wis affa calm
Wis unnerneath tho blast an damn?
Maybe he took a wee bit dram
As No’s claimed victory
Fit noo wull wee Eck dee
As fowk refused Yes aims ti see
Apairt fae Glesga an Dundee
Maist regions voted No
The Yes voters they war cheesed
A fyow o them war fair displeased
Some o them widna be appeased
Cos No claimed victory
Lit’s hope Yes an No can be pals
An nae protest ootside toon halls
Nae kickin each ither in the balls
Jist accept it’s aa noo ower
Wee Eck his hid ti resign
Aat tap table nae langer dine
An somewye farrer doon the line
A new leader SNP wull embrace
Bickerin fowk a wid send ‘em
Far awa fae onything referendum
The “referendum his become the neverendum”
Fan wull it ivver bliddy eyn?
A really hope things settle doon
Some faces tho still weer a froon
Peace an quairt wid be a boon
Noo Scotland’s voted No

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
Image Credit: Kay Roxby. Use via Creative Commons Licence.

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  4 Responses to “Scots Wha Hinna”

  1. Some faertie Scots hae voted no,
    For their children struck a blow.
    Nae vision hae they fowkies got.
    A coorin’ ,timerous, motley lot.

    To nuclear weapons they do aspire,
    The consequences could be dire,
    While folk do freeze and food banks abound,
    Kids wi a rumblin’ belly sound.

    A wealthy nation we may be,
    What does that do for you and me?
    As long as London holds the purse strings,
    We’ll aye be poor, impoverished things.

    • Ron,

      I really wanted to leave this alone and, in keeping with the sentiments of Bob’s excellent and wonderfully presented piece, never ever ever comment on the Referendum again. Unfortunately, you have broken my resolve.

      Your denunciation of the clear majority of the Scottish electorate as blind cowards who would rather indulge in mass murder than feed those in need is, in my view, indicative of a shameful degree of arrogance and ignorance.

      You profess to love your country but express utter contempt for the majority of the people of Scotland on the basis that they disagree with you. Do you really view the world through a prism in which the only view or opinion of any value is that which mirrors your own? The Referendum is over, the democratic will of the people of Scotland has been expressed and it is time to move on.

      This will definitely be my last word on this subject and I apologise to readers of AV who have endured my regular comments in recent weeks/months.

      • A thunk ye Bruce fer comments aboot ma poem. Nae need ti apologise fer regular comments on es subject. AV likes ti hear fowk’s views including Ron’s even tho it wid appear ti hae bin written in a fit o pique.Obviously Ron his bin listinin ti his Glorious Leader ower muckle as Wee Eck himsel is a past maister o decryin the fowk in Scotland fa held a different viewpoint fae himsel.Peety fer him tho’ aat jist ower twa million fowk in Scotland didna agree wi him. Feart? Coorin an Timorous? Tut tut Ron aats gyaan a bittie ower the score min.

  2. Bob, the next time I’m given a ballot paper, I’m putting you down as my write-in candidate. Cheerio, Suzanne

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