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This Saturday offers two great opportunities for animal lovers to enjoy an entertaining day out and help support animal welfare charities into the bargain. With thanks to Suzanne Kelly.

willows-lamb-featWillows Animal Sanctuary invites you, your friends and family to its next Open Day. Willows in Strichen will hold its gala day this Saturday 5th July.

Come join the staff, farm, domestic, exotic and wild animals living at Willows.

There will be loads to do and see, and animals to meet.

All are welcome to come see the animals, meet the staff, and join in the festivities.

The events run from 11:30 am through 4:30pm; they include:

  • Live music,
  • Bottle Stall,
  • Tombola,
  • Plant sale,
  • Lucky ducks,
  • Gift shop,
  • Coffee Shop,
  • Raffle,
  • and Home-bakes.

Jenny Gray of Willows said:-

“We are hoping this will become a popular annual event to raise money for our winter feed.”

Costs for everyone are spiralling upwards, and animal sanctuaries such as Willows must bear the brunt of price increases. They are reliant on donors to keep going.

A new foal, Fern will be one of the stars of the show. Other new additions include a blind lamb and a racehorse.

Willows were approached by a caring lady who lives near Glasgow and asked to help with a blind lamb whose mother died giving birth to her. Willows were able to give her sanctuary here and also to accept another orphan lamb to become her sighted companion. The blind lamb has been checked by a vet and given the all clear. Both lambs have settled in well and are very popular with visitors.

Chief is an ex racehorse who arrived in early March 2014. His owner was desperate to find him a safe home as he had lost his companions one by one as they be-came old and unwell and these losses were making him extremely stressed. He is an absolutely lovely boy who was totally relaxed about being relocated to Willows.

Somehow the new arrivals sense the peaceful atmosphere at Willows Animal Sanctuary and quickly appear as if they have been resident for years!

Also on Saturday, Redwing Riding School will hold its annual show at Blaikewell Farm.


Click to Enlarge.

Redwing Riding school was opened in 1985 to pay for the maintenance of the growing animal population at Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary. Blaikewell is a small charity in Deeside, Aberdeenshire, providing a home to over 60 horses and ponies, two Jersey cows, and six pigs as well as cats, dogs and any other animal or bird that needs a safe place.
Redwing Riding School has always been conducted with the welfare of the horses and ponies firmly in first place

There will be prizes for horse and rider in many different events, and a raffle to raise funds for the school and Blaikiewell’s. Anyone wishing to help support the animals at Blaikewell can make a donation via this link.

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