Jun 062014

woman-214786 tallBy Bob Smith.

In the independence referendum
Maist weemin micht vote no
They think SNP directives
Are nae the wye ti go

A poll it wis cairry’t oot
Independence 64% dinna like
Is es a wye o sayin
SNP jist tak a hike

Es o coorse begs the question
Fit wye micht they vote no?
Div some see Alex Salmond
As a smarmy so an so?

Maist weemin it wid seem
Are listenin ti their heid
An refuse ti lit their hairt
Cause their soul ti bleed

Es maan  be a problem
For Alex an his cohorts
Are thochts o independence
Noo a wee bit oot o sorts?

A fyow months later on
Votes wull be aa revealin
Bit dis es latest poll
Sen independence chunces reelin?

Fitivver its oor luck ti be
In the UK or maybe nae
The vote o Scotland’s weemin fowk
Micht haud a wee bit sway

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
Image: http://pixabay.com/en/woman-girl-female
Thumbnail: http://pixabay.com/en/girl-woman

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  6 Responses to “Weemin Votin’ No”

  1. “Div some see Alex Salmond
    As a smarmy so an so?

    Maist weemin it wid seem
    Are listenin ti their heid”

    That disnae seem like listenin ti yer heid. That seems like misunderstanding the entire reason for voting.

    • Misunderstanding?or confused?Tak yer pick. I sure as hell am confused bi the crap comin oot o baith the Yes camp and the No camp. Aat’s the wye am voting fer the status quo.

      • I dinae een ken tha Status Quo were in the runnin; aye, I’ll vote fa the Quo (how’s my Doric? Call 0800 555 1212)

      • Couldn’t agree more Bob. The level of debate is embarrassing and in the absence of any evidence – based argument for a Yes vote, it would appear that most weemin intend to vote based on rational thought rather than emotion and instinct.

        At Salmond loon needs ti gie himsel a right shak if ye ask me min.

  2. Gettin ere Suzanne quine.

    A ken am bein pickie bit the spellin needs touchin up.

    “I didna e’en ken aat Status Quo war in the rinnin; aye a’ll vote fer the Quo”

    Bit a gweed effort fae somebody fae across the Pond. 😀

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