May 012014

By Bob Smith.
Cove boats

A weel aff mannie ca’ed Kohle
Stairtit a row maist unholy
Jist move aa yer boats
An pit ‘em on floats
An tak ‘em awa ti a storie
Ess chiel his decreed
His letters fowk heed
Dinna dee fit he wints
Wull the bugger charge rints?
As access ti shore he dis need
Fisher fowk fae Cove Bay
View aa ess wi dismay
They’ll kick up a stoor
Agin ess bliddy boor
His gemme they’re nae gyaan ti play
Auld Jock Ritchie fae Cove
Micht hae said noo by jove
“Wi canna hae ess,
Yer jist takkin the piss
An ma boatie a’m nae gyaan ti move”
Is Mr Kohle in transition
O destroyin a tradition
Fishers aye used the shore
Their gear fer ti store
Are they tae bow in submission
Ma wife is Cove bred
An ess maan be said
Fin she heard o Kohle’s scheme
Oot her lugs cam the steam
Sayin Cove culture’s noo dead
Cove fowk are fair wishin
We aa sign their petition
Ti show Prahlad Kohle
His ideas they are folly
An tae keep the fishin tradition
Use yer moose or yer pen
An a’m sure ye aa ken
The fisher fowk o Cove Bay
They shud hae their day
Ess message ti Kohle we sen

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
Image Credit: Boats on the shore at Cove Bay by Ewen Adam.
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  6 Responses to “Fa’s “Kohle”-in The Tune”

  1. The Laird O’ Inversnecky would be shocked and inclined to keep a breast of the matter no doubt.
    “Oh tak me back tae Cove, tak me back tae Cove,
    far the air is as strong as can be…”
    Jist saying Bob.

    • Aye Duncan richt aneuch. Bit a’m afraid the air wid be as strong as can be with the smell o shite comin fae Kohle’s letters.

  2. This is a great poem about an awful decision. Hope the petition will make him see sense.

  3. It must have been 12 years ago or more when I first heard that a Pralhad Kohle had purchased the harbour. For what reason one had to ask, and I heard bits and pieces over the years regarding his complaints that the fishing boats were not moored in a military like straight line etc? It all seemed rather bazaar that a chap from a totally different culture would take such an active interest in this ultra-conservative section of society. What were his short and long term motives one had to ask?

    I do remember speaking to him with others all that time ago when I said if he thought he could get any money from Aberdonians from fishermen too then he should start looking at the rocks in the harbour and ask them to give him blood!

    Nevertheless, I think one should look at the possibility of a secret agenda here. To get rid of the fishing boats and then turn the place into a leisure centre with hotels and holiday flats etc up, and let us not forget that there are those who own the land up the hill who would be only too willing to sell out for a nice fat sum of money no matter what they say about their own cultural interests.

    I do sense something a little fishy here, and it is not totally unlike that film “Local Hero” but dear Mr Kohle is not the hero – he is the US business man who may not have his eyes on a massive oil harbour blasted out of rock but eyes towards turning Cove Bay into a great wondrous land of hotels, and leisure faciltiies etc, catering for the rich & famous but with jobs only for those who only want a “minimum wage”.

    If this is the case one must ask how different are Mr kohle’s ambitions to the rest of our dear sceptred Isle which we currently call the UK where bankers take precedence, and where the only caring nationalism found today can only be found within Scotland!

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