Mar 252014

A brand new grassroots political festival was launched in Aberdeen on Monday (March 24th) bringing together a week-long series of events looking to explore Scotland’s future. With thanks to Renee Slater.


Organised by local residents, Aberdeen’s Festival of Politics includes everything from film to music and comedy, while the main focus events will be several key debates on both the economic future of Scotland and the independence debate itself, labelled The big Debate, which will serve as a central theme for the week-long programme of events.

Featuring non-party-political panellists from a wide range of backgrounds, The Big Debate will be chaired by Professor Michael Keating of the University of Aberdeen and takes place at The Blue Lamp, from 3pm on Sunday 30th March.

Entry is free and for something a bit lighter, the event is followed by a night of folk music at the prince of Wales, also featuring some comedy from former MSP Rosie Kane.

The Blue Lamp also hosts the economics debate the following evening, starting at 7pm, with Business for Scotland taking on the Better Together campaign.

Participation in the festival has been open to all and while the main debates are not party-political, many groups are holding fringe meeting to tie in with the festival.

For more information on the full programme of events, visit

Created by a committee of Aberdeen-based residents with an interest in politics, the event will be run annually, with a theme relevant to that year. Funding for the week-long programme has come from a combination of donations and fundraising events.

Kind donations have been received from Aberdeen Trades Council, UNISON Aberdeen City, UNISON Aberdeenshire, UNITE the Union – Aberdeen District and RMT – OILC.

Festival organiser Renee Slater said:

“This is a unique event in Scotland. We are in an important year for our country and whatever happens here after the referendum, Scotland will certainly be a different place. As citizens we have the opportunity to make an impact on that future. Events such as this can only be positive?”


twitter: @festofpolitics

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