Jul 052013

By Bob Smith.

Bring IKEA tae Aiberdeen Campaign
Is aneuch tae mak me splutter
Anither bliddy multi national
Causin local shops tae stutter
Ye cwidna ca me a racist
A’ve nae problem wi the Swedes
Bit wi’ve plunty local shoppies
Tae cater fer furnishin needs
There’s Anderson’s o Inverurie
Sainsbury & Sons doon Holburn wye
An Celebrations oot in Turra toon
Berrys o Oldmeldrum weel worth a try
Noo the profit made bi IKEA
Eichty per cint wull disappear
Oot o the local economy
Awa back tae Sweden a fear
Bring IKEA tae Aiberdeen campaign
We can dee withoot iss fine
IKEA tak aa yer flatpacks
Stick em “faar the sun disna shine”
Lit’s hear it fer local shoppies
Lang may their like we see
They support the local economy
So fae IKEA lit’s aye bi free.

Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013
Image credit:  Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

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  6 Responses to “IKEAaaargh!!!”

  1. Bring Ikea tae Aiberdein?
    That thought maks mony splutter.
    Tis the shop where things are bought,
    By some ower-paid yuppie nutter!

  2. Well wrote Bob!

  3. Bob,

    Ikea is cheap and the stuff they sell looks good. I agree local shops need supporting but that shouldn’t be to the detriment of the consumer, I want choice and am not in a position where I could afford to kit out a house using the stores you mentioned. I’ve been to Ikea in Edinburgh more than once, having one up here would save the likes of me with a limited budget the journey.

    • Primark is also cheap and on the racks their stuff looks good. Problem is like IKEA their product has a relatively short “wearing” life. There is much truth in the saying”Buy cheap buy dear”

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