Feb 082013

By Bob Smith.

The roddies in oor toon
Are in an affa kirn
Potholes aa ower the place
Street surfaces nae aat firm
Potholies o a descripshun
Fae kypies tae big craters
Gettin  fowk aa weel vexed
Be they teachers or roof slaters
The cooncil is cash strappit
O iss we ken richt weel
Iss is nae consolation
Tae a bodie wi a connach’t wheel
Noo some potholes richt aneuch
Hiv bin patched bi the “tarry gang”
Bit wi bad wither an the traffic
Iss disna laist ower lang
The potholes are a menace
Wi aa the trouble they bring
Be it a puncture o a tyre
Or much worse – a broken spring
Siller fer the Aiberdeen bypass
It seems cooncillors can trot oot
Yet lots o toonsers winna benefit
Jist  the fowk fae oot aboot
The ceetizens o Aiberdeen are telt
The 21st ceentury we maan embrace
Yet  the potholes in oor toon
Hiv geen cooncillors a richt reid face
Lits aa noo jist hae a think
Aboot roddies aa ower the city
Spen some o the AWPR bawbees
On potholes fit are richt shitty
So cooncillors sit doon an think
O the troubles potholes cause
Dinna pit iss aff nae mair
Grab the problem bi the ba’s
O coorse there cwid be
Anither wye fit is best
Jist cut doon on car usage
An the roads micht langer laist

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2013
Image Credit: Fred Wilkinson

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