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The producers of the documentary You’ve Been Trumped today welcomed the announcement that Michael Forbes, the Aberdeenshire farmer depicted in their film, has been named Top Scot in a poll of the Scottish public, Aberdeen Voice reports.

Mr Forbes had been the subject of a vicious international public relations campaign by Donald Trump, who said that the farmer and fisherman who refused to sell his land to the billionaire “lives like a pig” and is a “disgrace to Scotland”.

Previous winners of the Top Scot award have included the writers JK Rowling, Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin, as well as six-time Olympic Gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy and international singing sensation Susan Boyle.

Mr Forbes was present at the glittering ceremony at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh to receive the award from Kirsty Wark in front of more than 200 guests. It was the first time in 38 years that the 60-year-old farmer had visited Scotland’s capital.

“We are absolutely delighted for Michael, who has conducted himself with such dignity during these trying years. Perhaps the award will lay to rest once and for all the claims of both Mr Trump and First Minister Alex Salmond that there is widespread public support for tearing up a protected conservation area to build a luxury golf course for jet-setting American golfers,” said ‘You’ve Been Trumped’ Director Anthony Baxter.

The event is sponsored by the Scotsman newspaper and the Glenfiddich distillery. The organisers say this is the first time the award has been won by a “non-celebrity”. Other award winners included tennis star Andy Murray, but Forbes pipped them all to win the top honour.

A campaign to name Michael Forbes ‘Top Scot’ gained momentum after the broadcast of You’ve Been Trumped on BBC television on October 21. Donald Trump’s legal team had tried to block the broadcast but more than a million people viewed the film.

Following the broadcast, First Minister Salmond was forced to break his two-year silence on the intimidation of residents and journalists at the site of the Trump golf course development, asking Grampian Police for an explanation of the police intimidation depicted in the film. Mr Salmond has since been accused of misleading those who have complained about the treatment of local residents, and the filmmakers behind You’ve Been Trumped.

The film, which was released theatrically to rave reviews in the New York in August, remains on limited release in the United States and Canada, and will soon play in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand. To date, it has won ten international awards.

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  37 Responses to “‘Local Hero’ Follows In The Footsteps Of JK Rowling”

  1. Congratulations to Michael Forbes! It would be interesting to find out how many votes were cast, but it is a powerful message all the same. If you’re out there Mr Salmond and Mr Trump, people clearly care about the situation at Menie.

    • A loud minority shout as always, the majority like me are glad to have Mr Trump investing in the area, how people can favour a ramshackle farm over a World class golf course is beyond me.

      Champagne socialism at its best, people who hate the wealthy yet sit in their owned 4 bedroom detached watching their 50″ Plasma and typing on a £1200 Mac book, Aberdeen, don’t you just love it.

      • George, how do you know it’s a minority? 68% of folk in the north east dislike Donald Trump intensely. I don’t have a 50″ plasma. In fact I don’t have a television at all. I don’t hate the wealthy. I have many extremely wealthy friends. I hate Donald Trump because he is an arrogant, mendacious and manipulative bastard. It has nothing to do with his wealth.

      • Before claiming that Trump’s course is world-class and will benefit Scotland, I suggest you check out Mr Trump’s track record, which casts severe doubt over his ability to run the proverbial drinks party in a beer-making factory. His working day appears to involve tweeting for hours and bragging the rest of the time about how much money he has and how clever he is. These latter practices are generally deemed unnecessary by billionaires or seriously intelligent people, which leads us all to wonder how much truth there is in anything he says.

        By contrast, Michael Forbes has worked hard all his life and is merely trying to protect his own home, where his family has lived for generations. He is a true hero, in the David and Goliath mould, and represents the 99%.

  2. What a joke, the mans property is a disgrace, a biased vote based on a terrible slanted documentary, where are the cries that it was a one sided vote based on misleading information, hypocrites.

    • George, you could have voted on the basis of the information you have. It was a well advertised, open, public vote which accurately reflects the views of the participants.

      • Alasdair,

        I had no idea this vote was taking place, where was it advertised? Socialist Worker newspaper no doubt.

      • George I saw it on the Scotsman website and then it spread virally across facebook, twitter and presumably other social networks. It’s a national award that’s been running for years. You maybe need to pay more attention.

      • George, does the socialist worker still exist? I was never a big fan, probably last saw a copy about 20 years ago in the Prince of Wales

    • An who are you taejudge Georgie boy??How anyone can put a golf course above an SSSI is beyond me…an i’m no a tree hugger…nor a member of the bunny brigade…I’m a Scot who will no stand by an watch some yank ruin my country fer profit!!

    • The course is there – it could have been built by making reasonable offers to buy property and accepting that not everyone wants to sell, instead of appealing to the Govt to use CPOs, and building huge mounds (which may contravene planning rules) to obscure ‘views’. Instead Trump acted like a baby to try to get everything his own way.

      A pathetic way to try to do business and we shouldn’t tolerate it.

      Forbes wants to live as he has – what’s wrong with that?

      Or would you stand idly by as I offered you a fraction of the value of your home on the back of promises of gajillions of jobs for the area, regardless of the implausibility of the claims?

      • Mr Trump didn’t use 1 CPO, still comes a huge outcry from the usual suspects, meanwhile in Tillydrone 15 CPO’S are to be issued for a third Don crossing, where is the outcry about the rights of these people? No one is interested because it isn’t being done by a rich person that they hate on a personal level.

        Forbes was living in a run down hovel, the place has not been worked for years, where was the outcry that this was spoiling a place of special scientific interest? No one cared about him or the area till Mr Trump bought it.

        Socialists and the usual far left supporters don’t half talk a load of rubbish and have selective memories when it comes to things they support.

      • George, you and your cronies have a right bee in your bonnet about “far left socialist tree-huggers” and “champagne socialists”… to listen to you, you’d think we spent our lives printing off communist tracts in freezing garrets or down the Brewdog toasting the death of capitalism…

      • George, Trump requested that the council use CPOs and he would have been absolutley delighted if they had done so. You’ll find a link to the letter in which the Trump orgaisation requests the CPOs on Andy Wightman’s blog, here. If you look at it you will see they state clearly “the purpose of this letter is to ask the Council to exercise its powers of compulsory purchase under section 189 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 to acquire the eight plots of land on behalf of TIGLS.”
        By the way, I’m opposed to the Third Don Crossing and happy to put my name to any petition opposing the compulsory purchase orders that apply thereto.

      • I’M interested in and back those who would have their peace and quiet destroyed and property ravaged by the building of a bridge in the wrong place. I differ from many of Trump’s critics in that, even as someone who despises the stupid game, I know that golf courses do a pretty good job of looking after coastal environments. I am concerned about the SSSI needs being ridden over rough-shoddedly, though.

        My biggest gripe is the manner in which this bully has operated from day one. He’s a blustering toys-oot merchant whose behaviour I would not have tolerated from my bairns when they were wee.

        I’m going to enjoy watching the FM twist and turn on this though.

    • Hey George,
      Have you had a look at the Tripping up Trump pages on Facebook? Seems you’re famous since this article was posted there and folk from home and abroad responded to your comments.
      To see how the world views you and your opinions check it out at

  3. Scotland. O.K. to hole a mans boat and deprive him of income. Get a life.

    • You truly believe that boat shown in the documentary would have floated? It looked like a long deserted rotten shell to me, and I presume you have proof that Mr Trump or his people holed a boat?

  4. Wonderful news not only for Michael but for all the residents. Nobody should be bullied in this disgusting way. Also who gave Donald Trumps bullies the right to stop people walking on the foreshore!

  5. Mr Forbes lives on a working farm. Real life tends to be untidy, as does the natural environment. Personal attacks on a working man do not lend support or credence to your increasingly spurious arguments.

  6. Mike Forbes truly deserves this award for the honesty and integrity he has shown in the face of lies misinformation and propaganda, not solely from the Trump Organisation but from a vociferous minority who actually believe they may personally benefit from this environmental disaster that is as yet far from proven. A little due diligence before bowing down to Trump would have done us, the Scottish people, no harm at all. Well done Mike, a deserved award based on an open public vote.

  7. One has to laugh – Trump is possibly the most petulant, puerile and pathetic person to walk the planet. Having failed once again to get his way he has now banned Glenfiddich from his bars.

  8. With all due respect to Mr Smith, if you look at Trump’s track record, he rarely finishes the projects he begins. There are holes in the ground in many places where he attempted to build whatever it was to be, always using the same words, “best in the world,” “world class” and “famous”, all of which are untrue and proven to be so.
    Mr Trump is a snake oil salesman of the first degree. He has had so many failed businesses, but has learned how to work the system in his favour. When he defaults on loans, he sues the banks for wanting to pursue. He is narcissistic and pathological. His self-importance is mind-blowing. To get behind this man can only result in disappointment and, for some, complete financial ruin.
    I have read business article after business article recounting all these truths. The man is not well; I truly think his mental health is completely shot but he surrounds himself with yes men who will do his bidding and never question his decisions or statements. His behaviour after the last US elections shows how tentative his hold on reality really is. I would bet everything I have (and that’s very little), that this venture will never reach full development. He has been trying to back out while saving face for over a year (blaming everything from the economic climate, to investors, to windfarms).

  9. An award won by someone of integrity who stood up to a bully. Well deserved Mike.

    “The Donald” has been slapped down a few times and invairiably throws his toys out of the pram and goes in to the huff. We’ve seen it all before.

  10. Alasdair,

    The fact still remains that not ONE CPO was issued for the golf course to be built, now why is no one up in arms about the 15 Tillydrone families about to receive their CPO? No documentary, not a peep on here, please explain why they don’t matter when a man who owns a ramshackle farm does….and he still lives there!?

    I suspect if it was Mr Trump away to build the bridge it would be a different story.

    I for one don’t want a third river crossing and I certainly don’t want it going through a built up estate, I do wonder if it was a more afluent area affected then peoples viewpoint would change.

    • George, did I say they didn’t matter? No. I said I am opposed to the 3rd Don crossing and to the use of any CPO’s connected to it. I’m not involved in a campaign against it because one can’t be involved in tackling every injustice i this crazy world but if the opportunity comes up and I’m in a position to offer support I most certainly will.

  11. There is a search function George, you should learn to use it. 4 articles about the Don crossing found easily.

    If there is a problem with items not being covered in the depth they deserve, then it is cos too many like yourself have plenty to say, but too few actually do anything about it in a constructive way. No, instead, guys like you prefer to pick holes in people who are investing their own time and energy doing things, finding stuff out and sharing information.

    You have never even bothered to vote in a council election I understand. So who are you to comment on municipal projects and whether or not they should happen? The phrase ‘all mouth and no action’ springs to mind.

    You have said somewhere on here that you are not willing to write an article to put your side of the story. And yet you think it’s OK to tell others how they should go about it. get a F**king grip.
    Do you not see the irony in complaining about things that are not getting done while you yourself do f**k all of benefit to anyone but yourself?

    You claim Mr Forbes lives in a ‘ramshackle farm’ and that it is not a working farm. You are wrong on both counts, and as you have never been to Mr Forbes’ home, you are not qualified to comment.

    You make a lot of noise about people being of the ‘far left’ and yet you don’t know enough about any of the people you refer to qualify such a comment. However, as you are known to be a supporter of the EDL, I expect, next to you, nearly everyone including Trump and Margaret f**king Thatcher are of the ‘far left’.

    I think George, just like the Donald you have admitted that you ‘love’, that you are a a source of hot air bubbling through a bellyful of s**te.

    I know this is a forum for comments, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I can’t see what if any quality you add.

    • Gary, thanks for your eloquent response to George. You said it so much better than I would have!! And thanks for pointing out his affections for a racist organisation. All we get from him is that we are champagne socialists and extreme leftists without him ever actually taking any of our arguments seriously. I can’t be arsed with him any more. I’m away for a large Glenfiddich, slainte!

  12. I just listened to the news and it appears that Trump is being quoted yet again.

    “George Smith,” he said, “never heard of him, but he’s probably a loser!”

  13. Gary Sim,

    You don’t agree with my opinions so think I should be silenced, that’s fascist in the extreme, ironic seeing most here are daft socialists with stupid ideals that would never work in the real world, smash the rich, pay the poor etc etc! Move to North Korea and see how it works in practise!

    I can see past the facade, no one really cares a damn about the golf course being built, what they care about is how a rich man they deem to be the enemy is building a course, they complain and shout about the treatment of his neighbours(not one of whom has been evicted) yet say not a peep when 15 families in their own City face being booted out of their homes.

    The EDL link is tedious, I once liked a link slamming the poppy burning extreme islamists on facebook and now I’m an EDL supporter, that’s misinformation and damn right rude of you to try and blacken my name because I don’t agree with your opinion, typical far left reponse to any debate they’re losing.

    • Dear George – while I do refrain from posting on AV, here are some quotes from someone named George Smith from Facebook. There are screenshots backing each one up. Perhaps it is a different George Smith? If so, this George Smith has remarkably similar interests and views to your own:

      1. “Keep digging Fred, I support the movement and its leadership, Tommy Robinson is inspirational, check out his speeches on you tube, I don’t support the bigots who sometimes tag on to them on facebook.”

      Screenshot taken 19 September

      2. “The EDL has no links to violence or hate based activities, I thought you would go behind the headlines before chucking generic Daily Mail style ranting at me, they are a non violent movement who campaign against the spread of radical islam and sharia law, I fully support them.”

      Screenshot taken 19 September

      3. “Nice dodge and I’m about as far removed from being a racist as anyone could get, I have coloured friends, on facebook as well as real life.”

      Screenshot taken 19 September

      4. “Fred, with the greatest of respect I know far more about the EDL than you, if some daft kid posts something on facebook it can’t be helped and shouldn’t reflect at all on the sterling work they are doing all over Britain.”

      This George Smith seems to adore the EDL; it is quite a coincidence.

      Regards, Suzanne

      • You never stop posting on here! lol

        And that facebook page was very quick to exclude me from posting, well done on the out of context posts though, perhaps seeing as you’re impartial you’ll post the full exchanges so the readers here can make up their own mind?

        As ever the extreme left bend over backwards to blacken the name of someone who debates with them in a civilised manner, I would never dream of snooping into the backgrounds of any of the people who have debated with me on here, no matter how much I disagree with them, as my position on a lot of things is so different I expect their lifes and political opinions to be different from mine as well.

        For the benefit of doubt and incase the FULL conversation is not printed, I as I’ve said many times fully support the EDL in their fight against radical Islam, I despise seeing these people barrack our soldiers, burn poppies, blow up tube trains and buses etc, I have completely no problem with law abiding people of any faith or creed, pity Sussanah didn’t paste my post where i said I would be happy for Aberdeens new mosque to be built in my back garden, selective editing to blacken someones name, the art of Murdoch, now brought to you by the Aberdeen Voice! Whilst I agree with them I’m not a supporter nor member of them.

        And that’s me done with this place, enjoy patting each other on the back in the future, I’m just an ordinary working man with a family that happens to disgaree with the way this paper has treated some people and the way it has campaigned against certain projects, if i can’t post without fear or favour then there is no point, my work wouldn’t take kindly to employing someone labled as a racist and I need work to pay the bills, thanks to all those who debated in a civilised manner.

  14. EDIT; Should have said fully support the aim of the edl.

    TIA For editing this for me and I wish you well in the future.


  15. I would like to add that even if I was the leader of the EDL I would still be allowed an opinion on any matter affecting my home town and should be allowed to air that view without my life being dug into, just yesterday one of the editorial people here posted my work details on Facebook, it only takes one radical opponent to my views to then take the next step of tracking down where I live and that puts my family in danger, please be more careful in the future before deciding to blacken someone’s name because they don’t agree with you on an issue.

  16. Well, I see that George not only found the Tripping Up Trump page, but joined it and an hour after he submitted his first post the following message appeared from the page admin – “He has been removed from the group after being a member for less than an hour..”

    Seems the man’s getting to be as popular as his angry role model!

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