Nov 092012

With funding cuts currently affecting services to the vulnerable everywhere, many vital services like Rape And Abuse Support (RAS) are increasingly dependent on donations from local businesses and the public simply to survive on a day to day basis. With thanks to Kathryn Russell.

RAS (Rape and Abuse Support) provides support and advocacy to female survivors of sexual violence, whether recent or historical, as well as challenging public attitudes towards rape through outreach work.

The good news is that on Wednesday 7th November, RAS were delighted to receive a donation of £3,000 from Oceaneering.

Following a cut in their funding, they have been actively fundraising to ensure the future of the service and this donation will go some way to help meet the shortfall.

Volunteer Support Worker Gaynor Cowie accepted the cheque on behalf of RAS and spoke about her experience as a volunteer:

“I am often asked for my views on rape and sexual abuse when people discover that I volunteer with RAS but here my views don’t matter. What I and the other volunteers do at the centre is not about us. It is all about the women who come to us. If you’re struggling to make it through each day – if you feel overwhelmed, sad and alone and perhaps unable to share those feelings with those closest to you – the centre offers the opportunity to share those feelings.  

“The centre operates with only two paid employees and the fact that the rest of the work is undertaken by volunteers is a testament to everyone’s commitment to maintain this service within the City of Aberdeen.

“It can take a very long time to establish a reputation as a provider of quality services and it would be a great pity if the city was to lose this service at a point when it is recognised the work it does is so very much needed.”

Although they still require donations, those received so far from local businesses and the public have ensured the future of the RAS centres in Aberdeen and Fraserburgh are secure for the immediate future.

To donate to the cause, please visit