Oct 112012

By Bob Smith.

Trumpie he wid like tae bigg
The greatest hotel Scotland’s seen
Bit nae if they pit a winfairm
In the bey north o Aiberdeen

The mannie noo hid a rant
Agin the billies fae the M O D
Fer withdrawin their objections
Like the fowk in the RSPB

The Donald’s geen ower far
He’s  jist fair becum  a joke
Sayin thoosans o birds’ll be killed
If winfairm plans they invoke

The chiel’s ramblins cairrit on
Misca’in First Meenister “Eck”
The Donald wid like it fine
If oor Ackie got the seck

Ceest yer myn back a fyle
Dr Kennedy he didna agree
Ti award Mr Trump sic a thing
As an RGU honorary degree

Dr David wis maist affa sure
Trump wisna fit fer iss award
An the former RGU principal
Thocht Trumpie a business cyaard

So Donald min jist pack yer bags
Ye’ve fair geen ower the score
The gweed fowk o the north east
Jist fin ye a lood mou’d bore

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie”2012