Oct 082010

By Bob Smith.

Hats aff ti David Kennedy
First principal o thon RGU
In hannin’ back his ain degree
Agin Trump he’s teen a view

Nae haudin’ back fae Dr Kennedy
Jist stracht an ti the pint
Trump’s nae the chiel fa’s heid
Wi mortar cap they should anint

Young fowk shouldna folla
Big Donald’s business practice
David Kennedy yer sic a star
Trump’ll be a bittie fractious

A former principal wi principles
Fit he’s nae willin ti compromise
Jist fair tells it as he sees it
Trump’s nae gweed the mannie cries

Noo a ye Trumpy hingers on
Jist listen here a wee file
Donald he’s bit a chuncer
David Kennedy he’s got style.

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2010