Sep 272012

Anyone who follows local news will know that Peacock Visual Arts has endured setbacks in recent years. This has not, however, blunted Peacock’s enthusiasm in promoting and encouraging participation in the visual arts. Here’s how…

It’s that time of year already – and here’s the invitation to submit your work for the Peacock Visual Arts Christmas Show.

After experimenting with other formats for a few years, and in response to public demand, we’re reverting to A4 in 2012.

This year we want to give more conceptual coherence to the exhibition than in the past, so we’ve also chosen a theme – Grotto.

Leaving aside its connotation as the seasonal home of dodgy old white-bearded men, the Grotto is probably the oldest form of human shelter. We hope you find something in your own exploration of Grotto that will trigger your imagination.

Deadline for entry: 31 October 2012
Exhibition: 17 November-22 December 2012
Opening: Friday 16 November from 1800-2000. Everyone is welcome.

Do put these dates in your diary. Our homemade mince pies are, rightly, legendary and as for the punch, what can we shay…?