Jan 102015

You are invited to meet this Sunday 3pm at the Castlegate to protest against this week’s terrorist attacks in Paris and to stand-up for a free press, free speech, and political satire.  With thanks to Event Organisers French/Anglo group, Frog In Aberdeen, and thanks to  Julie Tchao.

we are charlieFollowing the massacre of cartoonists and editors at the Paris Headquarters of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, a peaceful vigil will take place tomorrow at Aberdeen’s Castlegate area from 3 to 4pm.  The gunmen claimed to be avenging the prophet Mohammed.  The magazine routinely lambasts all forms of hypocrisy and will continue to do so.  It plans to print one million copies of its next edition, due out on Monday.

The gunmen were not taken alive, and further related violent incidents have taken place in France with citizens and police alike killed, irrespective of their religious affiliations.  The magazine has a long-standing tradition of political satire behind it; a tradition in France which goes back at least to the excesses and cruelty of the court of Versailles.

The Facebook Announcement for this event confirms it will be a respectful, dignified affair:-

“Come as you are, with your loved ones to join us in our peaceful protest.   The protest has been organised in agreement with the Council and Police Scotland, This is a peaceful, respectful and non-provocative rally, no misbehaviour will be allowed.”

Organiser Julie Tchao said:-

“There is going to be a huge rally in Paris tomorrow, and the French community in Aberdeen wanted to share this moment in our city, to show our support to the victims of the terrorists attacks that happened this week in Paris. We also want to stand up for freedom of the press, free speech and conscience. We want this rally to be a peaceful and respectful protest, and we would like to invite everybody who would like to join forces with us tomorrow.”

The Facebook page for the event also offers a chance to download posters with the slogan ‘Je Suis Charlie’ / ‘I Am Charlie’ – the slogan which arose following the deaths in France.  This allows sympathisers to, in an ‘I am Spartacus’ parallel, declare their support. Many social media users have changed their profile pictures to ‘Je Suis Charlie’ in support both of the magazine and the innocent victims – and of the importance of liberty.  The download and further information can be found here.