Jan 192017

With thanks to Paul Johnston.

Leading Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston has welcomed the agreement for a Third Sector Charter following an amendment by the DIGG Councillor at the Council’s Policy and Resources committee today.

“I have advocated a third sector charter for some time to help build better links.” said Cllr Johnston.
“The third sector charter proposed is a great first step to consultation.

“However, there is another key element in a charter and that is to produce a common understanding of the value of the actions of voluntary and social enterprises.

“This will help make it measurable.  It will help them and the council understand what they do and the value it is. It will allow the Council to chose the voluntary and social enterprises in providing services procured by the Council because we will know the actual value rather than just the simple costs.

“I am pleased my council colleagues supported my amendment.

“This I hope will be significant progress towards a more resilient and enterprising voluntary and social enterprise sector in Aberdeenshire supported by the Council”

Further Info.

A third sector charter was part of the Council Administrations confidence and supply agreement with DIGG opposition Councillors.

The Third Sector is a term use for Voluntary Groups or Social Enterprises (whether or not they have charitable status)

Councillor Johnston is a member of the Policy and Resources committee and moved an amendment accepted by all Councillors to add a scheme to measure the value of Third Sector input to the recommendations on the paper to Committee here.

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