Apr 292016

Dennis Robertson, Bill DeanWith thanks to Paul Robertson.

Two renowned Huntly business​men have given their backing to the SNP’s Dennis Robertson to be re-elected as Member of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeenshire West.

Dennis, 59, was elected to represent the Aberdeenshire constituency in the Scottish Parliament in 2011.

He has campaigned passionately for local small businesses, most recently the businesses that have been affected by the flooding in Ballater.

​Visiting local businesses on the campaign trail with local MP Alex Salmond, Dennis has now received the backing of two well known local businessmen.

Bill Dean is Managing Director of Dean’s of Huntly, who have been baking traditional shortbread since 1975 and now export to over 30 countries around the world. Bill Dean is backing Dennis to be re-elected as MSP for Aberdeenshire West.

He said:

“Over the last 5 years, Dennis has shown himself to be dedicated and passionate about making our communities a better place to live and work. 

“He has always been prepared to listen to me as a local business owner and on a number of occasions, has stepped in to help and support our business.

“That’s the kind of dedicated local MSP that Aberdeenshire West needs, and I am pleased to give Dennis my support.”

James and Irene Shearer together run the Huntly Vehicle Care Centre on Old Toll Road. The owners of the family-run​ garage and coach hire ​business are also supporting Dennis Robertson’s campaign to be re-elected as MSP.

​James Shearer said:

“​The SNP in Government has done so m​uch for small businesses like our own. The Small Business Bonus Scheme has taken pressure off our business and the money saved has enabled us to invest and expand. 

“We are also a family owned business – and it is really important to us that the future of our business – our son, Alan –  benefitted from a free university education. Our daughter had to pay the graduate endowment and I know that only the SNP will ensure that there is no return to fees for university education which places such a burden on families and our young people.”

​Welcoming the support, SNP Candidate for Aberdeenshire West Dennis Robertson said:

“I am delighted to have the support of Bill Dean and the Shearer family. ​These businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and that’s why the SNP has prioritised support for small and medium businesses. 

“If re-elected, I pledge to work just as hard for small businesses in communities across Aberdeenshire West to help them grow and expand.”

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  One Response to “Huntly Businesses Back Dennis For MSP”

  1. There are times when even an incurably self – opinionated chatterbox, such as myself, is almost rendered speechless, by being subjected to the most astonishing level of open – mouthed disbelief since….well since yesterday I suppose, when Ken Livingstone described Adolf Hitler as a “Zionist” or perhaps the day before when I learned that Nicola Sturgeon had decided there are no boys or girls or men or women any more, but simply various points on a “gender spectrum” not necessarily pre – determined by genes, but developed by social conditioning.

    But no, it was neither of these events which almost achieved what my friends and family have been trying to do for so many years, but this latest SNP offering in Aberdeen Voice

    Were any SNP MSP to be introduced as a champion of business, at a time when they are causing so much uncertainty for business, with their constitutional obsession, doubling of Business Rates and implying, but not confirming, that taxes will rise further in the next five years, it would be surely be greeted by uncontrollable laughter. Dennis Robertson, however, is the very business – friendly Aberdeenshire MSP, who, on 5th January 2016, with tens of thousands of jobs being lost in the North East, oil trading at around $30 per barrel, and families wondering how they would get by, claimed:

    “There is no crisis…We have the most skilled workforce in the North Sea and it is booming”


    With friends of business like Dennis Robertson MSP, we might need to get fracking after all.

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