Sep 012014

sparrow-426961_1920 cropBy Bob Smith.

Leuk’t oot ma upstair’s winda
T’wis jist the ither day
A great flock o sparras
War aa aroon on es braw day

A coontit sixty fower at least
Atap the hedge far a cwid see
Some war sittin quairt like
Ithers in oor big tree

Syne doon ti the seed hudders
Squabblin as tho wee geets
Hoverin aroon demintit like
As they tried ti git some eats

Ti the hedge back they flew
Chirpin ten ti the dizzen
Soonin like auld fishwives
Fa war weel an truly fizzin

Time fer ‘em ti hae a dook
Bird bath wis fair owerflowin
Some war haen a sand bath
Ithers jist tae’n an fro’in

A leukit at the seed tubes
They war impty eence again
Fat bas they war nae mair
Greedy buggers? aat is plain

Wis’t sixty fower or ninety?
Fegs a cwidna really say
Bit wi fair git enjoymint
The spurdies mak oor day

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
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  1. Guid stuff Bob.

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