Apr 042014

By Bob Smith.

The 100th anniversary o the death
O a gweed mannie fae Dunbar
Fa left ess shores fer America
Stravaigin near an far
John Muir wis ess chiel’s name
An environmentalist o renown
A philosopher an explorer
Cwid be added ti his crown
In America he is weel kent
Yet in Scotia nae sae muckle
Ti fin oot aboot ess legend
Doon ti learnin we maan buckle
The faither o conservation in USA
A founder o the Sierra Club
Is jist twa o the monikers
On John Muir we cwid dub
Explore, discover an cherish
Wis ess mannie’s philosophy
We’re aa pairt o the naitural warld
Love wild places wis his decree
He fair likit the wilderness
Free fae touch o human han
Ower muckle interference fae man
The chiel jist cwidna stan
The John Muir Trust in Scotland
Cairries on Muir’s philosophy
An maks sure we learn mair
An git telt o his legacy
Cherish weel oor wild lans
Try oot the John Muir Way
Connect wi the mannie’s ideas
An lit nature hae its say

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2014
Image Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/woods-green-trees-path-park-175878/

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