Jul 052013

2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Scotland autumn tour for the 25th anniversary of the Lockerbie tragedy. Contributed by Duncan Harley, and reproduced with permission.

The play gives voice to six hypothetical characters grappling with their conflict between accepting the unacceptable and having the courage to stand up for their personal truth.

Their conflicts unfold on board Pan Am Flight 103 on 21 December 1988: a mother and her stepdaughter engage in a power struggle and a retired couple disagree on priorities – family versus personal dreams.

The third couple, a USA intelligence agent and a Scottish investigative journalist, face their profound fear of the consequences in speaking truth to power. With humour, love and courage each couple discovers a surprising insight into their relationship.

In the last of three scenes, “A Chorus of Angels,” the six dead passengers join together in presiding over their own funeral. They speak from the neutrality of death in bearing witness to the investigation unfolding on the ground — the care and effort of not only those trying to uncover the truth, but also those deliberately trying to hide and manipulate it.

In poetic language and original choral music, they shed new light on the worst terrorist attack in the UK.

Directed by Corinne Harris

with James Bryce (pictured).

Source: http://www.the-elements.org.uk/productions/lockerbie-lost-voices/