Oct 262012

By Bob Smith.

A wis jist remindit the ither day
So iss knowledge a’ll impart
The wird  TRUMP in slang spik
Is classed as bein a FART 

So ma freens dis iss mean
Donald Trump Snr fer a start
Can noo be thocht o literally
As bein some auld Fart

Weel richt aneuch some wid say
O win the mannie’s fair full
Fin threatenin fowk wi his lawyers
An roarin like a stucken bull

Donald wi yer new slang name
Nae doot some wull tak the mick
Maybe kent as “Gustus Interruptus”
As weel as fer the shite ye spik

Donald Fart – iss his a gweed ring
Donald Ripsnorter micht bring titters
Bit nivver myn ma puir mannie
It’s better than Donald Skitters

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2012