Jun 242010
Pittodrie Stadium

It would appear things are not too happy down Pittodrie way at the moment.

On the back of a dreadful season, the Club has lost key players and there seems to be mounting apathy among fans with season ticket sales numbers not expected to break records. There is also a feeling of torpor as the Club finds itself caught in limbo with a large debt, the real chance of a significant drop in income and in the midst of all this, the need to find the finance to move to the proposed community stadium at Loirston.

Yes, there have been happier times, and the fledgling AFC Heritage Trust is doing its best to preserve those memories whilst at the same time keeping fingers crossed that the Dons can emerge from the current apparent gloom and begin challenging for honours again.

The Trust has convened to ensure that the NE community, which has always backed the Dons, will be able to learn details of the Club’s proud history and its successes. Since its inception in 2008, the Trust has been staggered by the wealth of memorabilia and artefacts which exist in lofts, garages and outhouses and by the generosity of the owners to share these treasures.

Not only are the hard and tangible effects being sought, borrowed and catalogued, but the Club’s history is also being documented by a small team of eager and obsessed volunteers. Many Club records were lost in the 1971 Pittodrie fire and although irreplaceable, the history of the community’s favourite sporting focus is being painstakingly recreated. Of course, history is being created all the time although everyone with the Dons’ wellbeing at heart hopes that happier times are coming soon.

Whilst preservation of the Club’s history is its primary aim, the Trust is determined that it is not merely going to create a dusty archive of records and souvenirs. It has been well-established that the Dons’ support extends throughout the NE hinterland and beyond, that despite its apparent bowing to the corporate market and seeming distance from its core fans, there is still huge affection for the Club in the community. As the Trust’s work develops, it aims to bring to the public the history and treasure trove of artefacts being gathered. This will not be confined to Pittodrie, nor will it be confined to the city. The Club’s heritage is that of the community and the Trust’s avowed intention is to bring that history and heritage to the fans, wherever in the NE they are.

In the longer term, trustees are dedicated to seeing established a permanent museum and community learning space in the new stadium and initial plans for the proposed replacement for the dear old place at the end of Merkland Road East includes such a resource.

How can you get involved or find out more? http://www.afcheritage.org should be your first port of call before heading for your attic to see what historical items YOU may have to fill in the blanks in the club’s history or enthuse the fans.