Aug 102012

As ‘you’ve been trumped!’ continues its world-wide tour, its current stop in New York proves irrisistible to the Occupy Wall Street Protest group.  Montrose Pictures tells Aberdeen Voice readers what’s going on.

NEW YORK – In an effort to call attention to the environmental damage inflicted by Donald Trump’s troubled golf course development in Scotland, Occupy Wall Street projected excerpts from the documentary You’ve Been Trumped on the Trump Tower last night in Manhattan. Their action was beamed live worldwide on Occupy’s streaming video website.

A video of the Action, prepared and released by Occupy Wall Street, can be found here.

Standing atop of the Illuminator, a special truck designed to undertake “guerilla screenings”, Occupy Wall Street Organizer Justin Wedes explained to why they had chosen to project You’ve Been Trumped:

“It’s a story that has to be told, an exemplary case of the 99% against the 1%, “ he said. “ It’s just one more example of the 1% corrupting the political process, destroying our land, destroying the earth, and we have to speak out or we’ll have no more earth to speak out for.”

You’ve Been Trumped captures the confrontation between Donald Trump and a proud group of homeowners in Balmedie, north of Aberdeen in Scotland.

It has been held over for a second week in New York City, whilst continuing a successful theatrical release in the UK.

The film has won 10 international awards and has been nominated for the prestigious Grierson Trust British Documentary Award.

“I’m honoured that activists like those at Occupy Wall Street have found the film so powerful, and relevant to the causes they are fighting for,” said director Anthony Baxter, in reaction to news of the screenings.

“They have helped change the debate around inequality, and the various ways the 1% run roughshod over ordinary people’s lives, and we hope that our film is making a small contribution as well.”

You’ve Been Trumped is currently continuing its national cinema release in Britain and in the United States where it opens at the Village East Cinema from Friday 10 August, having enjoyed a successful first week at the Angelika Film Center.

You’ve Been Trumped opens in Los Angeles on 17 August.

Aug 032012

On Friday August 3rd 2012, Scottish Artist David McCue brings two controversial paintings to the general release premiere of Anthony Baxter’s You’ve Been Trumped in the Angelika Film Centre, New York.  From Montrose Pictures.

The portraits, “Red Money” and ‘No More Trump Lies’ will be on show for the fi­rst time in the U.S. They form part of a series of paintings and artefacts that examine and expose the power of a wealthy minority to shape, influence and ultimately destroy the environment and culture of a small traditional community half way across the world.

Originally shown in Menie on 4 July 2008, as earth-moving equipment was moved in to begin work on Trump’s controversial golf development, the works of art reflect the clashing perspectives of Trump International Golf Links and the local residents at Menie. They explore environmental and related social issues raised by the development: the irreversible destruction of a traditional ­fishing community and the bulldozing of a site of global scientifi­c significance.

Red Money“, shows Trump in stark business attire against a background wall of American dollars that are visible through Trump’s face, hands and body. This painting has been chosen as the ‘face’ of Anthony’s award-winning film. It was also featured in the San Francisco Chronicle as the front page of its Arts and Culture section and is currently being used as a full front page on the Apple Itunes fi­lm trailer.

No More Trump Lies’, in contrast, is a depiction of salmon fi­sher and quarryman Michael Forbes who denied Trump the land he was eager to purchase for a hotel. The colours in this painting are the antithesis of those in “Red Money” and the emphasis is on greens, blues and earth tones connecting Michael to the heritage of the land and sea he is adamant about protecting. A cautious, suspicious and apprehensive glance to the left of canvas, matched with his casual attire and eccentric hat project dignified defiance and determination. The red collar of his jacket is like the red rag to a bull (Trump) who wants but has been refused what Michael rightfully owns. Michael’s con­fident, masculine body language suggests he’ll ­fight to the end.

Notably the controversy has sparked a wide range of artistic responses across many genres, including a ‘crazy golf’ sculpture, also by Artist David McCue, music written and performed by Karine Palwart, poetry, photography and a ‘spitting image’ puppet, rather than the conventional protests of political activism.

The timing of the presentation in New York is signifi­cant. The artworks are irrevocably linked to You’ve Been Trumped and bringing the paintings to New York creates an equilibrium between their original setting and the close proximity to Trump Tower. This reinforces the concept that this is not a parochial issue, but a global confrontation between the power of wealth and the value of our culture and heritage.

Donald Trump has just inaugurated his golf course in a flurry of disinterest and umbrellas, with Scotland’s First Minister being notable by his absence. The local communities have held their ground but are still being harassed. Meanwhile, Trump has suspended the major part of the project – the part that would create any benefi­t for Scotland – citing the potential creation of a wind farm, visible from the golf course, as the reason, and implying that Scotland is incapable of making environmental or political decisions for itself.

David McCue is delighted to have been invited to present his paintings at the fi­lm’s premiere and is looking forward to experiencing New Yorkers’ reactions to the fi­lm and art works. He will be available for questions and discussion of the paintings at the opening night on 3rd August and selected screenings scheduled till the 9th of August.