Jul 202012

By Bob Smith.

The SFA are fair in the mire
Aa their efforts micht nae transpire
Tae keep the Rangers fae crashin doon
An playin the likes o the fine “Blue toon”

SFL clubs said on yer bike
We’ve nivver ivver seen the like
 Construction o leagues wis yer thocht
Bit us chiels can nae bi bocht

Bigger leagues we micht wint tae see
Bit at a time fin the vote’s mair free
An nae presentin like a bliddy bribe
Tae save the Licht Bues an their tribe

Some SPL clubs noo are wailin
Are feart aboot financial failin
Efter SFL clubs ca’ed their bluff
Een or twa hiv teen the huff

The SFA are a bunch o wallies
Wi the SPL are great pallies
Fans care a lot aboot fair play
An think the SFA ken SFA

©Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie” 2012