May 112012

By Bob Smith.

Some sma villages are deein
Aa ower the kwintraside
Young local fowk are cryin oot
Fer a wee hoosie fer ti bide
There are hoosies in the villages

The young canna afford ti buy
Fair forced oot  o the mairket
Prices are ower damn’t high
Snappit up bi fowk nae local

Some hoosies noo a holiday hame
So the young hiv ti move awa
Iss is maist criminal an a sham
Hoosies noo jist lyin empty

Jist used a fyow wikks a eer
Or lit oot bi rich owners
At a sky high rent a fear
Local pubs an shops are shuttin
Cos there’s nae bugger left ti spend
Except fin the absent owners
Turn up at an odd wikkend
Local skweels are slowly closin

Cos young couples move awa
Aa fer the wint o a local hoosie
Far they can becum a ma an da
A law it shud be passed

Village hooses maun be offered
Ti fowk faa bide roon aboot
Afore incomers bids are proffered
The young are a village’s future

Wark an hooses we maun provide
An keep up the community spirit
Fit holiday hame gadgies canna provide

© Bob Smith “The Poetry Mannie”2012

Image credits:
Midlem Village Hall © Copyright Iain Lees and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
Thumbnail © David Napier under the Creative Commons